Li'l Miss Stripe-y!!!

Ok guys............first of all, thank you all SO MUCH for the overwhelming response to the pictures clicked by me that I had shared in my last post!!! I was touched, humbled and wonderfully encouraged to see my passion for photography thus applauded!!! :))

Secondly, tonight, I'm announcing the winner of the Chappals vs Stilletoes and Miss Chase giveaway that was held recently on the blog and on our Facebook page! *drumrolls*
Thank you all for the enthusiastic spirit and amazing participation on our first ever giveaway! We got some super-cool entries and I can assure you that it was a tough choice for the selectors!!! So, amidst much anticipation and breath-holding (I don't know about you, but am holding mine even as I announce this!), let me declare the winner - Soumi Paul! (You are getting mail, Soumi!)

As for the outfit, I wore this around a month back on a tea date with my blogger girlies - Soumi (Yes! The very one who won the giveaway!!) & Sayantani! Oh!! How I love spending time with these lovely ladies - they are my bit of sunshine, I tell you! :D

Two girls after my own heart - Soumi & Sayantani <3

As you can see, my love for stripes has culminated in yet another of my favorite summer buys this year - this pretty pair of leggings! The pastel hues, the mix-n-match stripes, the comfortable fabric & the great fit  - absolute #win! 

Paired it with a simple knitted tunic, some fun flip-flops, a small-but-roomy satchel (to carry my new DSLR, which the girls insisted I bring!!) and my summer staple - a bun!

And falling prey to my stripe-y love, I stacked on some striped bangles to give my leggings company! ;)

Note: My equally strong love for bows - spot them on my flip-flops as well as the necklace! ^_^

Navy tunic: Brand Factory, Kolkata
Striped leggings: Exhibition find
Beads & bow necklace: Westside
Bangles: All over the place
Green ring: BK Market, Kolkata
PVC flip-flops: BK Market, Kolkata
Blue satchel: BK Market, Kolkata

Photo credits: Soumi Paul

We have the Bengali New Year coming up on Monday - looking forward to new clothes, good food and a day of fun & festivity!!! Shubho Noboborsho (Happy New Year in my mother tongue) to all my Bengali friends around the world!

Enjoy your Sunday, peeps!!! And have an amazing week ahead!

Anupriya DG


  1. *Does the happy dance again* And those leggings made me cry again! :-( Hold another giveaway where the prize will be this very leggings! I'll kick everyone's ass. :-P And,you have no idea how much I love you. For the bow tie,for this giveaway and for everything you do 'just for me'. Love.

  2. love love love the i already told u on my visit to kolkata :)

    also love thr stripey bow look!!

    soumi and sayantani are lovely lovely gals!!! I love them too :) cant get over soumi's (unintended ) one liners!!! congrats soumi :)

  3. Congrats Soumi... Wish I could see your live reaction on this win :D :D
    Anupriya, I seriously hope that your next giveaway prize is that extremely cute satchel.

  4. Stripes, pearls and bow flipflops?! There is nothing about this outfit that doesn't have me screaming, "Love, love, love!" You are looking absolutely fabulous, Anu :)

  5. Lovely outfit love your sandal so cute.

  6. Cute tunic!

  7. First it is so great and worthwhile catching up on your blog. I loved loved loved the photographs in the previous posts. Much like all your readers, I will definitely look out for more posts. The stripe-y action is so cheerful and a nice twist to the "black&white" doing the rounds. The flip-flops are so cute! I miss having bloggers in Chandigarh, to hang out with :)The denim tunic yells comfort...must find one for myself too :)
    Thank you for being so generous and supportive towards the work I do. More so thank you for sparing time and dropping by my blog. Your encouragement is very valuable to me. Thank you once again and see you soon :)

  8. Gotta love those pants! So prettty eeee. Also, the flip flops are stunning! Come to Bangalore? We can paint the city with all our colour madness.

    Hope you had a great new year!


  9. You look lovely :)

    Enjoy you're weekend! **

    xx, Sandra @

  10. I'm a fan of stripes! Love your legging, and that chunky neon ring! I have this tiny obsession for bangles, but unfortunately they look horrible on my hands (disadvantage of having thin, uneven, ugly wrists/hands) :D
    (Belated) Subho Nababorsho to you too! :)
    I'm over at Stilettos & Tequila. x

  11. You pull off those striped leggings admirably!

    Love the cute bows on the necklace.

  12. You are a talent, and a fox. A fox and a talent. I love seeing your success- passion is paying off!

  13. Total swag. Love how your bracelet matches your leggings. Cute outfit. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too soon.

  14. i love your colorful sandals!
    they show your toes nicely, but have you ever tries them with nylons? it would be an interesting look! ( has knee-length one in so many pretty shades!)

  15. Wow! it is beautiful legging and awesome combination of bangle and legging color this both are very highlight to all over looks.

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