And today I'm back with yet another photography post for you guys!

Thanks to the overwhelming response to my last attempt at such a post, I felt like sharing some more recent clicks with you all! Hope you guys will share your honest opinion & feedback like last time! :)

Over to the pictures....I hope they'll say no less than a thousand words to you............

Smile please! :)


Face to face...

Dusty lights

Big Brother

Unwanted Life

Camera used: Nikon D90 (lens - 18-105mm)

These were clicked while on a photo-walk early last Sunday morning through the by-lanes of North Kolkata.
The diverse flavour of the sights & sounds of my city is one of the things that makes it such an endearing subject & a treasure trove of moments for photography enthusiasts!!! <3

Keep the love coming, cupcakes!!! :D

Anupriya DG

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