Out of Loyalty...

Yes..........I've been MIA for the longest now...........first had a break-up with the mirror because of an infected, red & swollen right eye.........then had an intimate live-in relationship with the bed thanks to a high fever, cough & cold..........and today, emboldened by pills & syrups, I'm trying to get over the bed and reconcile ties with my computer.........call me whimsical........call me fickle-minded............but I ain't no philanderer......I know where my loyalty lies! ;)

Talking of loyalty, the greatest portion of this value of mine lies with my work, my brand, my products. And so, as a loyal proprietor of Howrah Bridge, I feel it my duty to share my creations with you all from time to time. Of course, I thrive on your feedback, suggestions, criticism & compliments! ^_^

So without much ado and without wasting any more time (The fever has not bid me goodbye yet, hence I can't really end my early-turning-in relationship with my bed tonight!), here are a few of my favorite pieces from the Howrah Bridge Spring Summer '13 collection!!! Enjoy!

L - The Candy Quirk Chasma* print dress, R - The Candy Quirk Chasma* print bow shrug
 [Note: *Chasma - Glasses in Hindi]

The Candy Quirk Telephone print dress

L - The Blingy-Pleaty maxi dress, C - The Collared Diva maxi dress, R - The Sheer & Tier maxi dress

The Checkered Handkerchief Tunic

L - Telephone print cushion cover, R - Zigzag Scooter canvas wall art

L - Telephone print cushion cover, R - Pisa In The News canvas wall art

Pictures courtesy: Dibakar Goswami, Dr. Kaushik Ghosh & Anupriya DG

Yes, we have recently ventured into home décor along with the clothes & accessories and I can safely say that our quirky cushion covers & retro canvas wall frames are quite the rage! :D

If you have any queries or want to order any of the items shown above, please feel free to write to us at howrahbridgebyadg(at)gmail(dot)com

You can even drop in at the Howrah Bridge website to take a look at loads of more products & styles!!! 

Don't forget, we do custom orders and we ship worldwide!!!!

Must go back to the bed now!!! :P

Stay tuned for the next outfit post.......

Weekend's Here! Cheers!!
Anupriya DG