To Choose Or Not To Choose....

The weather has been acting funny since the past few weeks. The sun is playing hide & seek with the clouds and the rains seem to be in a playful & indecisive mood.

Talking about indecision, why is it that people, however old & mature they be in age, sometimes act in really childish ways while taking decisions? I can they, after all those years of experience & Life-learnt lessons (we all learn them - some, the easy way; some, the hard way.....right?), still be so naively adamant about making all the wrong choices???

Frankly, even I have bits of the whimsical, indecisive trait in my Piscean self. But that is strictly limited to the little things in life - like choosing the restaurant while eating out with the guy, or maybe scheduling tasks for an overflowing day. But, you'll hardly see that side of mine while I make the bigger decisions of my life. I chose Fashion Design as a career option when all the world & its neighbour (including my parents) was showing discontent, displeasure or simply disbelief at my choice. I chose those initial relationships which may have turned out to be unsuitable, but which, nevertheless, have taught me the finer nuances of love & its strange ways. I chose to kick start my New Year's resolutions (in 2012) by handing in my resignation, putting an end to the creatively dissatisfying 9-5 boredom and deciding to start off my own label. And I have chosen the man whom I want to spend the rest of my life (and many more of the coming ones) with, even though we are polar opposites when it comes to careers, hobbies & individualities - our minds must meet at some platonic point and our hearts, of course, must beat in the same rhythm.

Anyway, as I said, I'm still every bit of an indecisive moron when it comes to the practical li'l things of everyday life! Like, on this wet & humid monsoon evening, when getting ready for a dinner date with the guy, I just couldn't decide whether to layer my maxi with the denim shirt against the slight chill in the wet air or give more importance to the humidity & let it be.
As you all can see, the nip in the air won.


In fact, this denim shirt was originally a long denim shirt-dress that I had thrift-shopped on one of my trips to Bangalore way back in Jan, 2011. Now, as with most bought-on-excited-holiday-shopping-sprees, this shirt-dress turned out to be a size tad smaller for me, thus ending up at the back of my overflowing closet, unworn for the last 2 years, till, a few days back, I chanced upon it on a rummaging spree and got my tailor to chop it off to shirt length, so that it can be worn as a jacket! And trust me, I've hardly been out of it ever since!! :)


Stripes maxi: BK Market, Kolkata
Denim shirt: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Earrings: FabIndia
Ring: BK Market, Kolkata
Neon watch: Fastrack
Yellow satchel: BK Market, Kolkata

I had an tiring, but interesting Sunday doing a conceptual fashion photo-shoot. Hope to share pictures with you all soon!

Have an amazing week ahead, cupcakes!

Mwah Mwah!
Anupriya DG