To Choose Or Not To Choose....

The weather has been acting funny since the past few weeks. The sun is playing hide & seek with the clouds and the rains seem to be in a playful & indecisive mood.

Talking about indecision, why is it that people, however old & mature they be in age, sometimes act in really childish ways while taking decisions? I can they, after all those years of experience & Life-learnt lessons (we all learn them - some, the easy way; some, the hard way.....right?), still be so naively adamant about making all the wrong choices???

Frankly, even I have bits of the whimsical, indecisive trait in my Piscean self. But that is strictly limited to the little things in life - like choosing the restaurant while eating out with the guy, or maybe scheduling tasks for an overflowing day. But, you'll hardly see that side of mine while I make the bigger decisions of my life. I chose Fashion Design as a career option when all the world & its neighbour (including my parents) was showing discontent, displeasure or simply disbelief at my choice. I chose those initial relationships which may have turned out to be unsuitable, but which, nevertheless, have taught me the finer nuances of love & its strange ways. I chose to kick start my New Year's resolutions (in 2012) by handing in my resignation, putting an end to the creatively dissatisfying 9-5 boredom and deciding to start off my own label. And I have chosen the man whom I want to spend the rest of my life (and many more of the coming ones) with, even though we are polar opposites when it comes to careers, hobbies & individualities - our minds must meet at some platonic point and our hearts, of course, must beat in the same rhythm.

Anyway, as I said, I'm still every bit of an indecisive moron when it comes to the practical li'l things of everyday life! Like, on this wet & humid monsoon evening, when getting ready for a dinner date with the guy, I just couldn't decide whether to layer my maxi with the denim shirt against the slight chill in the wet air or give more importance to the humidity & let it be.
As you all can see, the nip in the air won.


In fact, this denim shirt was originally a long denim shirt-dress that I had thrift-shopped on one of my trips to Bangalore way back in Jan, 2011. Now, as with most bought-on-excited-holiday-shopping-sprees, this shirt-dress turned out to be a size tad smaller for me, thus ending up at the back of my overflowing closet, unworn for the last 2 years, till, a few days back, I chanced upon it on a rummaging spree and got my tailor to chop it off to shirt length, so that it can be worn as a jacket! And trust me, I've hardly been out of it ever since!! :)


Stripes maxi: BK Market, Kolkata
Denim shirt: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Earrings: FabIndia
Ring: BK Market, Kolkata
Neon watch: Fastrack
Yellow satchel: BK Market, Kolkata

I had an tiring, but interesting Sunday doing a conceptual fashion photo-shoot. Hope to share pictures with you all soon!

Have an amazing week ahead, cupcakes!

Mwah Mwah!
Anupriya DG


  1. Hey...Looking lovely as usual! Interesting combination of the outfit :)
    I love your yellow bag!

  2. Cute, love the shirt/ dress very creative!
    Have a great day beautiful!

  3. I am in love with yours maxi dress! And that yellow satchel...I want that :P

    Bong's Belleza
    Have a happy Tabloid Tuesday

  4. Maxi dress with a denim jacket! WOW!

  5. It may have taken you a while to decide on this outfit, but in the end, I think it came together just perfectly... the denim shirt adds a touch of edginess to your feminine striped dress and is the perfect canvas to showcase you beautiful yellow handbag! Absolutely gorgeous - as always :)

  6. i love this outfit..and did i not know you were a piscean or did it slip my mind?...i can't wait to see the conceptual photo shoot wala pics.

  7. What a great list of all the active choices you've made in order to be where you're at now. It's an empowering set of big decisions and inspiring to hear about.

  8. lovely, anupriya!
    am in love with that maxi and ur watch and your earrings as well as the denim shirtdress cut into a shirt now... :)

  9. Pretty dress Anupriya!
    I hate the Cal weather right now!Have a permanent cold because I cant escape getting wet!

  10. hmmm, very thoughtful being the gemini, inspite of my years of experience(gosh i sound old!!) always dilly dally!!!

    you look casual and yet so chic!! love the neon accents of the watch n ring!!

  11. I've sung enough paean to this maxi of yours. Needn't do it any more. The satchel is an old favourite too. I'm wearing my oldest maxi as a maxi skirt tomorrow. Debi never bought me the black maxi skirts from Gariahat. *Tears and sobs*

  12. Lovely paring DG.. It looks so comfortable and You look really nice.

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