Wine Trail by Four Seasons

Yes, we had the the most amazing wine-tasting session at the Rose Room of The Conclave club last Saturday hosted by one of the pioneer brands of Indian wine, Four Seasons.

I had attended a similar Four Seasons do almost a year back and it had proved to be a fun, interesting & enriching experience. So, I was way too excited for this wine trail since the day the PR mail had reached my inbox. :)

Me, along with a couple of my fellow bloggers (who are now more of friends), reached the venue together to find the other city fashion, beauty & lifestyle bloggers saving us places at a huge table, while another similar table seated a whole bunch of food bloggers whom we never had the fortune to meet at any event before. Introductions done & over with, we settled down to the business of the afternoon - a wine-tasting & appreciation session to be conducted by Mr. Peter Mitter, Regional Manager, Trade Marketing, United Breweries Group. Mr. Mitter (or Peter, as he insists we call him) showed us a couple of interesting presentations showcasing the wonderful & amazing vineyards & processing facilities of Four Seasons. We learnt about the different varieties of grapes that are grown to make the different types of wines; the difference between old world & new world wines; the tips & tricks of storing wine and lots of other interesting facts about this natural form of alcohol.

We started the wine-tasting with the Four Seasons whites, one of the best white wines in India, - the Sauvignon Blanc & the Viognier - which were light, fruity/woody & with a soft, lingering after-taste that went smoothly with the accompanying babycorn fritters, chicken nuggets, mushroom vol-au-vent & crumbed prawns. Then we moved on to the beautiful blush or Rosé wine (my personal favorite!) which is light, slightly sweet & has an amazingly smooth texture. The rosé was paired with cheese balls & fish tikka kebabs. Finally, it was time for the heavier reds - the Cabernet Sauvignon & the thick-textured Barrique Reserve Shiraz (a treasure among red wines in India) - that provided the perfect accompaniment to the veg croquets, chicken lollipops, cottage cheese kebabs & mutton sheekh kebabs.

Enjoying my glass of  Saubignon Blanc

The entire girl gang of fashion, beauty & lifestyle bloggers of Kolkata

Relishing my sips of Cabernet Sauvignon

Fun times with my girls - Deepa & Soumi

And the ONLY outfit snap of mine, thanks to Debi! :)

Aztec print dress: Max Fashion (C/O vouchers won on Sonshu's giveaway)
Blue shrug: Pantaloons, gifted
Necklace: BK Market, Kolkata
Cat ring: Accessorize
Green belt: BK Market, Kolkata
Bag: Leder Land, Kolkata
Green suede loafers: Enroute, gifted by B

Photo credits: Shreya Goswami, Debiparna Chakraborty, Pooja Dasgupta, Animesh Ray

At the end of it all, we were too full of all the good food & a bit tipsy from all the refilled glasses of full-bodied Four Seasons wines (some of them drunk 'bottoms up'!!) to even get up to receive our certificates that declared each of us as certified wine enthusiasts! 
[YES!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be authentically certified as a wine enthusiast. EVER.]

And we all traipsed back home happy & high!

Till next time, cupcakes!

Much love,
Anupriya DG