As Beautiful As Her Work

There's this recent ad on the block by Tanishq which shows a woman's boss asking her to remove her diamond earrings before her presentation so as not to let anything distract the clients, but then the woman turns up flaunting her danglers and impresses everyone with her beautiful presentation as well! The target market for Tanishq's new range of elegant work-wear jewellery titled Mia is, hence, a woman who's as beautiful as her work.

When Tanishq approached me to write a blog post about such a lady in my life who effortlessly fits into the heels (or maybe even flats) of the Mia woman, I came up with quite a few names in my mind. Being a woman entrepreneur myself, a blogger & a passionate photographer; I connect with a whole bunch of inspiring females all around whose work in their respective fields, I feel, are as amazing as they are as people!
But then, I had to select any one of them.
And then, I thought of the wonderful Dusk - a lady who never fails to awe & stun me with her personality, her spunk, her beauty & of course, her work!

The many moods & styles of the gorgeous diva

I came across Dusk soon after I became a part of the blogosphere. Her blog The Dusk Zone was a constant source of inspiration and I used to look forward to her bold & whacky outfit posts with eager anticipation. Slowly, we connected through other social networks like Facebook & Twitter and that's when I came across Dusk's work. Dusk Devi Gold is a photographer who lives in Sydney with her husband, children & even grand-twins!!! And trust me when I say that she's the hottest grand-mom that ever walked this Earth! She specialises in Australian Burlesque photography, but whatever frame she captures seems to come alive with a brilliance & vibrancy of its own! All her shots, right from a sunset over the sea to levitating men to sashaying models to spunky selfies of her gorgeous self, reflect her creative eye & amazing prowess as a photographer with a vision. And a look at Dusk Devi Vision - her photography page on Facebook absolutely proves that!

Glimpses of the diva's work

So...yes, for me, Dusk is a woman who is as gorgeous as her beautifully clicked photographs!!! This diva inspires me day in & day out with her funky sense of humour; bold & do-not-give-a-damn sense of style; passion about burlesque & Flamenco (Yes!!! She's a trained Flamenco dancer too!); obsession about Wonder Woman, jedi & cowboys and last, but not the least, her ability to bond so beautifully with someone half her age from another continent (I'm happy to say that we connect amazingly much so that meeting her is quite up there on my wishlist)!

Here's the Tanishq Mia ad and I think Dusk is absolutely the woman whom I can visualise rocking these gorgeous bits of jewellery while she goes trigger-happy at work:

I salute the spirit of this amazing diva and thank her for proving to be such an inspiring presence in my life!!! I wish & hope to meet her someday for real and I know that day will be one of the most awesome days of my life! :))

Is there any woman in your life who you think is as beautiful as her work? Do share your stories with us too!!

Oh! And a very Happy Friendship Day to all of you lovely people out there!!! <3

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Anupriya DG

Disclaimer: All images are property & copyright of Dusk Devi Gold
          The video/TVC is property & copyright of Tanishq