The Fashion Diaries - I

By Anupriya DG - September 09, 2013's been more than a week I'm back from my trip to Bombay.
And yes....I got time to sit down & blog about it today.
But what to do? When it comes to work, I'm a stricter boss to myself than anyone else has ever been. And right now, work is as maddening as work can get.

Anyway, how have you all been? I know I've been MIA on the blogosphere for a while........but am back now, so you'll see a lot of me on both my blog & yours! :)

As for the trip I took to one of my favorite cities on Earth, well.......I had a blast, to say the least!!! But then, that's what you get when you mix fashion, friends & a whole lot of fun!!!

Here's a low down on the Fashion Week fever I've yet not recovered from:

  • Running around from one designer's (mostly friends) show to the other's can sure be hectic, but equally adrenaline-pumping fun too!
  • I packed in back to back fashion shows, hours of shopping sprees from street markets to Zara stores, hogging on yummy vada pao, not missing out on 'Mad Over Donuts' donuts & Naturals fruit-flavored ice-cream, ogling at random Audi R8s at Marine Drive, singing at the top of my voice  with friends at Carter Road, hanging out with buddies at Bandstand, catching up with old friends - all in 4 days! *achievement alert* :D
  • Thrift shopping is crazy fun, awfully exciting, blissfully rejuvenating & quite expensive when not done in a limit... :P
  • All the backstage rush, decked-up models, even more decked up show-stoppers, pretty clothes, talented designers, free-flowing creativity all around, amazingly well-dressed people, non-stop click of cameras, rhythmic tap of high heels, crazy fashion sensibilities & do-not-care-what-others-think attitude, the glamour of a show and the creative fulfillness of the people who have worked hard for it - all this & more at a fashion week makes me realize why fashion is what I chose above everything else. <3
You'll get to know a lot more about what all I did in the Fashion Week posts that'll follow...........but for now, a peek at the action happening on Day 1 of Lakme Fashion Week. :)

The fashion week started off with the Gen Next show that was full of young talent, promising creativity & zestful enthusiasm. Amongst the five fresh design talents who showcased their work in the Gen Next show, two were my friends from college and they had a whole team of us hooting & cheering for them! Nitin Chawla's amazingly constructed & impeccably finished menswear line stood out with flair. This guy will go far, I tell you & I'm every bit proud of the fact that we studied fashion together for four years! 

In the afternoon, we had another two of our friends showing (Isha & Deepak own a label called K L I T C H É  together) at the Talent Box area of the event. Their line was full of amazingly well-cut & interestingly panelled garments in fresh citrus-y hues. Along with K L I T C H É's  show, I also caught another interesting line by designer Sidharta Aryan whose geometric 3D acrylic neckpieces were too eye-catching to forget!

And this is what I wore to Day 1 of the Fashion Week. :)
I'm in love with my new cobalt pants and as you can see, I made myself a fun telephone print linen jacket (fashion week special!) that I see myself wearing a lot this coming winter. 

The casual messy braid was for a touch of whimsy to the prim buttoned-up blouse & almost formal-ish vibe of the outfit (sans the quirky print, of course)

The neckpiece was borrowed from my teacher-turned-friend (whom I was travelling with & who, incidentally has also taken these pictures!)....this was one of the pieces from our thrifted shopping haul from last evening. I got the same one in green for myself, though! ;)
P.S.: Don't miss my fashion week accreditation card as a member of one of my designer friend's team! This card gave me access to all areas of the event & entry to all shows!! :D

Telephone print linen jacket: Howrah Bridge
White buttoned blouse: Elle Fashionwear
Cobalt pants: Vero Moda
Blue satchel: BK Market, Kolkata
Necklace: Borrowed, Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Earrings: Accessorize
Moustache ring: Shoppers Stop
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger
Grey peep-toe wedges: Enroute

As I bid a music-filled (I have earphones plugged in my ears) goodbye to Sunday and apprehensively welcome a what-I-already-know-will-be-hectic Monday, my mind wanders unwarranted back to the spotlight-lit ramps & camera flashes and puts an indulgent smile on my lips.
And it's with that very smile that I wish you all a productive & exciting week ahead! :))

Anupriya DG

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  1. U look gorgeous Anu..i love the telephone print, n the messy braid.
    Btw m following u on gfc n bloglovin.


  2. Wow!! Sounds like u had such fun..!! You look great.. Looking forward to ur upcoming posts..


  3. The outfit is a correct mix of pretty and quirky-Love that jacket!

  4. OMG! I am in LOOOOVE with your jacket. It is so cool. What a luck with the necklace. Stunning outfit girl. <3


  5. love love that outfit, i cant wait to take out my chasma print jacket this autumn winters!!

    lovely narration of LFW'13 but i will be most happiest when u show and I am part of ur gang covering it ;)

  6. Your fashion week adventures sound like a dream, Anu! And it's so obvious what a wonderful time you had, you look positively radiant in these photos :) I always love your designs but this yellow and cobalt jacket may just be my favourite on yet... it's so beautiful and so you!

  7. Your jacket is wonderful. Love, love the print, and being in Fashion week is always an inspiration.

  8. u look lovely ANupriya, and looks like you had a look of fun!!

    loving ure necklace, and u'd love the jewelry at Colaba, moustache rings, awesome necklaces.

  9. this looked like a great event!

    really liking your outfit!

  10. That telephone jacket is beyond fabulous.
    have a fantastic weekend, my friend.

  11. What a great phone print jacket that suits you to perfection, as well as an enticing peek into the parts of Lakme fashion week you visited. And yes, Sidharta Aryan's acrylic neckpieces are extremely eye-catching.

  12. You look every inch the 'fashion expert'! i love your designs and styling ideas;-)
    PS- sending you that email now!

  13. I am sure it must be such a fun to attend this event.. You look Gorgeous.
    Enjoy your days.


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