Photo Diary: Gujarat

There's a new epidemic in town!
It's called Marriage.

You are laughing? I have got more than three close friends....all getting married within a span of one week.
One of them is getting married in Agra. For which I have to travel with her and be out of town for 6 days. In which time another 2 friends are having their wedding. Which I'm not being able to attend. For which I'm getting emotionally blackmailed by all & sundry.

Now say!

At the end, I went for a college buddy's wedding today (and heard no end of it since I won't be able to attend his reception party on the 1st!); leaving for Agra on the 1st, enjoying my BFFs wedding for 5 days, coming back to town on the 6th afternoon; rushing to another childhood friend's wedding on the 6th evening (again hearing no end of it as she had invited me to be a part of all ceremonies from 5th); and trying to drop in at a work buddy's wedding sometime on the 6th evening itself! Phew!!! 
I should be certified an expert in running wedding marathons! 

The scariest part, though, is not the inundating number of wedding invitations flooding my desk right now. It's what to wear in all these back to back parties! Since, all thanks to Facebook & instant smartphone-clicked pictures, one (specially, one who's a part of the fashion industry) cannot, by any means, commit the heinous crime of repeating outfits at such occasions!!

So, as you can see, I'm facing a fashion block. Too less time. Nothing to wear. The story of all of our lives (I'm sure you agree girls!) *sigh*

Hence, I thought of skipping fashion for this post & sharing with you some snaps of my recent (well....October was, technically, just one month ago) family vacay to the vibrant state of Gujarat!

Hope you enjoy the pictures while I mull some more over what to wear for the next 10 days!!!

Spoilt for choice

The beautiful maze of the Adalaj seven-storey step-well

The Wait...

For sale

By the riverside

Resting Royals

Gypsy travellers

Man & Beast

Camelherd on a highway

Spinning stories...

Camera: Nikon D90
Lens: 18-105mm

See you on the other side of the marriage marathon!!!

Till then,
Keep it stylish!

Anupriya DG