The Mist

A slight chill has set in in the air. The dawns are getting misty.
The sky was unusually blue today. With little tufts of clouds, much like torn bits of cotton wool.
Sachin Tendulkar, the God of cricket as we know it, has played his last match. An era has come to its end.
All the world & its neighbour are out partying on a Saturday night.
I'm home, watching the Google reunion ad on YouTube with my sister.
My guy is gallivanting around Goa with his office colleagues. (Annual departmental meet, my foot. Whoever works while in Goa???) I'm left here to miss him & envy him. *sigh*
Aah! I have Sour Punk candy to drown my sorrows in. :D

This is from a day I had met up with a couple of friends for a fun evening of (window) shopping & gossiping! And this is from the archives. ^_^



That's fellow blogger Soumi.....and yes, I do love this girl to bits!!! <3

Maxi dress with lace sleeves: Howrah Bridge
Silver rose earrings: New Market, Kolkata
Metal feather necklace: Westside
Rose ring: Accessorize
Neon & nude leather tote: Leder Land, Kolkata
Green bow belt: BK Market, Kolkata
Nude gladiators (not visible): Enroute

Photo credits: Shreya Goswami

Spent this afternoon watching science fiction monster movie The Mist on WB. The engaging adaptation of the Stephen King novel had one of the most heart-wrenching & miserable endings I've ever seen in any film before.

Looking forward to Monday. Coz that's when the guy comes back to town! 

Ta da!
Anupriya DG