By Anupriya DG - December 28, 2013

Yes...we have all started our countdowns to the NYE.....haven't we? :)

The superstitious ones can heave a sigh of relief - 20'13' is about to end! (Is it just me, or does anybody else feel that this year had an eerily large number of Friday-the-13ths?)
The party animals can be happy - here's one more reason to celebrate!
Most of us have sat down more than once to make that much-needed list of New Year resolutions. And almost all of those who have, still have an empty or incomplete list. :P

This year has been quite a good one for me.
Of course, it has had its ups & downs.
But overall, there are a lot of things I owe to 2013:

  • Meeting quite a few new people (really or virtually), who have gone on to become great friends. They are so much a part of my life now, that it seems quite unbelievable that it's not even been an year since I know them!!
  • Taking Howrah Bridge to new heights - showcasing at new exhibitions, stocking at new stores, getting numerous international orders & even getting featured in electronic & print media....this year has surely been good to my brand!
  • Travelling. A LOT. This surely has been an year close to my traveloholic heart! From enjoying the fashion week in Mumbai to a family holiday in Gujarat to having a blast at BFF's wedding at Agra - I have been all over the country this year!
  • Getting this blog a lot of attention. I have collaborated with quite a few brands/websites this year for reviews & giveaways, thus giving my blog it's share of mileage. But if everything works out fine, then 2014 is going to be bigger & better as far as Chappals vs Stilletoes is concerned. :D
  • Last, but not the least, bonding - with friends, with family, with the guy - this year has seen me grow closer to my loved ones and spend many special moments with them. Hope 2014 knows about the expectations it has to live up to! ;)
Oh! And did I say that 2013 gave me my new phone.........and along with it, INSTAGRAM??? [Blackberry, unfortunately, didn't support this app and so, I was deprived of this lovely thing till I got my new Samsung Galaxy Grand!]

Yes, I got introduced to Instagram halfway through the year....and it has been an incessant love affair ever since! <3
So, when I sat down to write this year-end post, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite Instagram-ed moments with you would be a fitting goodbye to 2013! 

Snippets from my terrace garden

Live. Laugh. Love. :)

Color play!

Quirky cushions by HOWRAH BRIDGE

Moustache mania! :P

Starbucks on my Mumbai trip

Nail art! ^_^

Sandal shopping in Gujarat

Sharing bookshelves with the sister...

Some Autumn layering! #ootd

DIY tassel earrings inspired by Pinterest :D

Henna-ed hands at BFF's wedding!

Friends dropping by to support on exhibition day! :))

Christmas gift to self! <3

Dessert platter on a lunch date! ^_^

Ending the year with pretty flowers! 

So, if you like what you see here, then surely do follow @anupriyadg on Instagram! 

Wishing everybody the most wonderful holidays and hope you all ring in 2014 with a blast!!! 

See you next year fellas!

Season's greetings,
Anupriya DG

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  1. Looks like you had an eventful year Anupriya!

  2. The meeting new friends does count me right? Though I think we met last year! Pretty pictures! Also, do we get to attend your wedding in 2014?

  3. Beautiful clicks <3 :)

  4. How come my food platters never look this pretty? Mine are always messy!

  5. Yes,we met in 2012. So,this year's "wonderful people" doesn't count me. *Sobs*
    Also,would love to hear Sayantani's view on the flip flops. Should be pretty close to her heart,eh? ;-)
    And where are the New Year resolutions? I love reading them!

  6. Hey Aunpriya...well I am thankful to 2013 for getting me connected with lovely people like u..I hope 2014 gets me an opportunity to meet u :)
    have a happy new year..may you the blog and Howrah Bridge all dream big n make them all come true ..
    Thank you for your support and for ur lovely comments on my blog..appreciate it

  7. I really need to check out ur collection sometime elaborately. It looks so much fun. Love these insta moments from ur new phone. Wish u a year full of happiness n success. Happy New year. xoxo

  8. u look so cute in above pic and i love every pic beautifully captured!

  9. Happy New Year, Anu! It's been such fun following along with all of your adventures this year and I can't wait to see what 2014 will bring for you. Wishing you all the best for the new year. And all the success for Howrah Bridge, too!


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