December 30, 2014

Winter Lookbook: When In The Hills

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That's 2014 for you..
Here today, gone tomorrow (well...almost).

I will bid adieu to the year with a winter lookbook for you guys. 
It's a compilation of outfits I wore on my recent trip to the hills. 
It was freezing and we had to wear five layers of clothing even inside the rooms! So, dressing up everyday used to be an exercise in smart layering and hence I thought it best to create a winter lookbook with these outfit ideas.
Let me know your thoughts! :)

{Maxi-mum Layering}
When I was packing this maxi dress in my luggage, my mom actually thought I was crazy. I don't blame her.....who really thinks of wearing maxi dresses in 10 degree Celsius temperature?
Well....I do! :P
I got looks from all and sundry roaming the hilly lanes of Darjeeling that afternoon as I strolled around in my layered maxi outfit. But a thermal inner, a fair isle sweater vest, a woollen peplum cardigan with leather trims, a snood and my locally purchased gloves made sure I was warm enough to enjoy all the attention! ;)
Of course, one pair of thermal leggings and one pair of cotton leggings inside helped. A lot!!

[Yellow houndstooth maxi: BK Market, Kolkata | Fair Isle sweater vest: Max | Peplum cardigan: Vero Moda | White snood: 109 F | Gloves: Local market, Darjeeling | Watch: | Wayfarers: Idee | Floral ear studs: Forever 21 | On my lips: Peach Crush, Colorbar]

{Of Chunky Knits and Fair Isles}
What's winter without a liberal dose of cozy, chunky knitwear? A fluffy cardigan in chunky knits is a wardrobe must-have.....specially in any nude(ish) hue. And of course, fair isle patterns work as instant shift-into-Christmas-mode stimulators - be it on a pair of warm leggings or on a pair of indispensable socks!
Fling on a scarf, flaunt some subtle pieces of jewellery and you're good to go!!

[Oversized cardigan: Forever 21 | Grey tunic: AND | Fair Isle leggings: Gangtok local market | Houndstooth scarf: Shoppers Stop | Fair Isle socks: Darjeeling local market | Bow flats: | Gunmetal geometric ring: Pieces via Vero Moda| On my lips: Pretty Please, Colorbar | On my nails: Exclusive, Colorbar; All That Glitters, Glitter Mania, Maybelline]

{Coat Caper}
Since the temperature in my city never goes low enough for coats, this trip saw me and my sister excitedly packing our coats even though they took up more than half the space of the luggage!
I paired this pink beauty that I had picked up at an unbelievable price on my Delhi trip last January with a pair of printed denims and a snood in a contrasting hue!

[Coat: Janpath, New Delhi | Denims: Promod | Blue snood: 109 F]

So how are you all layering up to brave the chills this winter?
Layering is an art. If you have stylish winter pieces in your wardrobe, you can create magic by mixing and matching separates while keeping yourself warm at the same time! :)

Ring in the New Year with a smile, a cheer and some rockin' smokin' booty shakin'! :D
See you in the Two Oh One Five!!!

Anupriya DG
December 17, 2014

Dressed to kill! {Review:}

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Party season is here, people!!
It's time to dress up, put on some high heels and dance the nights away! 
Everyone's December diary is full of dance dates, weddings, cocktails, parties, Christmas eves & NYEs. And how can we possibly sail through all of the above without a few awesome-sauce dresses??? 

That's precisely why I bring to you :)
Promtimes is a great online retail portal for dresses of all kinds - prom dresses, cocktail dresses, party dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, evening gowns - you name it, they have it!
Their motto is "Dresses: Made well, shop well" and they stick by the same, trying to provide the ultimate shopping experience for their customers by giving them the best products with the best service at the best price.

Here's my pick from the temptingly wide range of products available on the website.
These pieces will make sure you are the star of any party you wear them to! Flaunt them with the perfect accessories, sky-high heels, a gorgeous smile & a killer attitude and be the diva of the coming party season!!!

Throwing a bachelorette for your best friend? Nothing will scream sexy bridesmaid glamour than this satin LBD with a lace bodice - delicate, sensuous and full of oomph! 
Pair this with a statement neckpiece, give your hair a volume-enhancing blow-dry, swipe on a bold line of kohl, keep your lips nude and give your girlfriend the best send-off to marital life ever!!! You'll surely be the one being crowned "Best Bridesmaid" at the end of the night! :)

December is the time when even your employers throw a cocktail party - the only time when you are actually allowed to be/feel "high"er than the boss! ;)
Strut up in style and turn your colleagues' heads in this long navy evening dress with an asymmetric sleeve and embellished neckline. Give your earrings & necklaces a miss and go for a quirky head-chain and a chunky cocktail ring to up the style quotient! Go light on the eyes and flaunt the oh-so-winter berry lips as a perfect compliment to the deep jewel tone of the dress. 
Rest assured, you'll be taken seriously at the weekly meetings for a long, long time to come!

Turn up in this couture-chic piece with ruffles & pleats and paint the town red this New Year's Eve!
A glitter-tipped manicure, a pair of chunky danglers, smoky eyes and bright crimson puckers are all you need to give this hot li'l number company! Slip on those nude kitten heels so that you can dance the night away in style!!! No better way to ring in the New Year, eh? 

There's more where these elegant pieces came from! Go over now and get your dream dresses for the party season! 
What's more....Promtimes is offering a discount of upto 75% till the next 9 hours only!!! Go......make the most of this amazing deal!

And yeah, you can thank me later!

Anupriya DG

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. But the views & opinions shared in it are entirely my own.
December 08, 2014

Started On The List Yet?

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December is here. There's more than just a 'nip' in the air. The thought of a steaming mug of hot cocoa appeals to you more than ever before. The smell of oranges is pervading the near-perfect, lazy winter afternoons (it would have been perfect if said afternoons could be spent basking in the weak sunshine with a book in hand. But, being your own boss means not even having the luxury of taking an off from work unless it's an emergency! *sigh*). Your calendar is getting filled with weddings, concerts, fairs and what-not, all of which you are eagerly looking forward to. 
And then, there's the excitement of welcoming yet another new year into the timeline of your life.

Whenever something draws to an end - be it the year, an event, or even a book - we start getting nostalgic and try to soak up the experiences of the whole thing in a rush, so as not to miss out on any of it before it ends. 
Thinking of the moments gone by, reminiscing, laughing at the good times, fondling the happy memories, remembering to learn from the mistakes made....these last few days are spent in a heady high, slowly letting go of one year and seamlessly moving on to the next.

2014 gave me many a memorable moment. Good times, great memories - I'll always look upon this year with a heart-warming fondness and a happy smile on my face.
Here's why:
  • The year started with a trip to Delhi with friends. I delved into a world of fantasy & beauty at the India Art Fair and met some of the loveliest people in the city (thanks to the blogosphere). Needless to say, I came back a richer soul.
  • The middle of the year gave me a pleasant surprise in the form of THE wedding date! There couldn't be a better reason to wait for 2015 to come!! ;)
  • I took a bachelorette trip to the hills with two of my bestest blogger buddies (though sometimes we forget that we met through our blogs, it feels like we've known each other since forever) and those few days spent in Gangtok has to be one of the best times of my life. Ever.
    All my future travel companions (including my fiancé) has serious competition from these girls, I tell you!
  • The big, fat Indian wedding season saw two of my bestest childhood friends tying the knot. It was two weeks of insane fun and gala reunions with other school pals, thanks to the occasions!
    It was almost surreal to think of those kindergarten days of friendship and seeing those same faces in the form of radiant brides stepping into a happy, new phase of their lives. Who said Light travels fastest? I think it's Time.
  • And as I write this post, I'm thinking of the same time tomorrow when I'll be on my way to the hills once again (keep watching this space if you want to know where I'm headed to now!)........yes, I'm taking my last trip of the year and I'm excited, to say the least!
    Can't wait to breathe out fogs while enjoying a hot cuppa seated in the window seat of a quaint cafe in the hills!!! 

I leave you with pictures from my Gangtok trip with the girls. From one hill station to another. :)

Of snoods, sweatshirts & sunnies! :)

Tsangu Lake from the top

While playing tourist, you need to pay heed to such signs...

Sunshine & prayers

Yaks at Tsangu Lake

Enjoying the chill with Soumi

Tourist-y clicks with Debi

Authentic Sikkimese lunch of Chicken Shyaphale

A hot cup of Caramel Chocolate Latte at Baker's Cafe - one of my favorite hillside cafes ever!

If you want to know where I'll be chilling (literally) for the next few days, follow me on Instagram - @anupriyadg :)

By the way, have you started making that list of New Year's Resolutions yet???

Anupriya DG
November 26, 2014

Insta-Wednesday {November 2014}

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So, I'm finally back...after the first ever surgery of my life and around 10-odd fidgety days of bed rest...

No, the idea that 4-5 strange men actually cut open and peeked into my body (while I was passed out and had no way of knowing whether it was only my tummy that they took the liberty to look at) still does not appeal to me. 
Nor does hospital food. Or the sight of freshly unsealed syringes, for that matter.

I won't label the whole experience as bad or traumatic or even revolting.
It was one-of-a-kind, for the lack of a better word.

I  fought, and won, the fearful battle with injections and IVs from my new domain on the hospital bed and gave mom my bravest smile when they rolled my gurney into the OT. 
Once inside, I didn't know what to expect. 
I was not scared. No, not for one moment did I feel scared. (Yeah, I surprised myself too!)
But I was apprehensive. And when the anaesthetist pushed the drug into my IV, I remember telling them that it hurt as it flowed through my unsuspecting veins. I remember wondering whether it was supposed to pain? I remember being concerned whether it was the normal reaction or whether my body was being tricky. That's the last thing I remember.

When sense slowly started creeping back into my numb mind, I felt helpless. 
Yes, that was the first feeling I had. Along with the feeling that someone was extracting a hundred daggers that had been lodged into my abdomen. Immediately afterwards came the thirst. A soul-sucking, throat-burning thirst. My whole body seemed to cry out for a drop of water. But it got none.
I think (and I still am not sure, I still think) I was mumbling "Pain! Water!" all the way from the OT into the Recovery Room. And in that order.
When mom & dad rushed in to see me in the Recovery Room (where I was kept for around half an hour under observation, after the surgery), I told them those exact two words, each. I remember my mom's soothing voice as she said, "Just hold on for a few more minutes dear. It'll be fine soon"

By the time they wheeled me back to my bed, I was almost fully awake. 
Still in pain and still craving for a drop of water.
And having lost a whole organ of my body to the surgeon's scalpel. 
Dear Gall Bladder, your neighbor's will always miss you. You should never have given refuge to that darn stone in the first place! 

Sorry for the morbid sickness story...but this experience has been so impactful ( in so many ways) that right from the hospital bed I knew I needed to share it here!

And as a token of appreciation for hearing me out, I leave you with snippets from the Instagram feed! This is what I have been upto this month, when away from the doctors, that is!!! :)

Got meself a new Kindle reader!!! :D

Caught up with my three blogger besties after ages!
From L to R: Soumi, Sayantani, Debiparna, me

Bought a whole lot of beauty goodies from

Currently reading

FINALLY met the blogger girl from across the seven seas - the fun & fabulous Tanvi!!!

Guess who just treated herself to a new wallet? ;)

Working on the Howrah Bridge AW14 collection! Stay tuned!! #excited

Show me some love and follow me on Insta - @anupriyadg! :)

Can't sit up for a long while at a stretch yet. Must give my aching tummy muscles (and specially the naturally-healing-incisions) some rest...sigh!

Too many friends getting married in the next two weeks - there's not a day in my diary which is not marked for an invitation! 
All my lovely ladies bidding goodbye to their carefree bachelor lives - should I start to get stressed already?

Anupriya DG
November 10, 2014

Pearl It Like Chanel {Durga Puja Style Diary III}

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Yesterday, I achieved an almost five-years-old wish of meeting the fun & oh-so-fabulous Tanvi of! We hugged, we chatted, we laughed and it really didn't feel like we had met for the first time. Thus is the beauty of friendships that have bloomed on the blogosphere. And once again, I'm ever so glad of the day that I decided to start this blog.
And thanks to Tanvi, I also made a new friend - Saumya from Myriad Musings - another stylish diva to keep a track of on the fashion-o-metre!!
Yeah, Saturday evening was good to me. :)

Here's yet another outfit from the festivities of last month.
This floral maxi is one of the favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now........and I have worn it quite a few times in the past two months.
And of course, the star of the post is the Chanel-inspired pearl necklace that I have thrifted from one of our local markets. It's surprising how fast fashion is copied nowadays - knock-offs seem to be out in the market almost at the same time as the originals!

 [Floral maxi dress: Vero Moda | Pearl necklace/ sling bag: BK Market, Kolkata | Earrings: Forever21 | Watch: Anne Klein | Bracelets: Accessorize; Guess | Ring: Aquamarine]

In other news, am going for a small surgery in the coming week. Am scared, to say the least. Wish me luck?

Anupriya DG
October 29, 2014

Flower of Life {Street Style}

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There has been a tragedy in the family and am still trying to recuperate from that.

Meanwhile, here's the very first Street Style post on the blog!

I'm thinking of making this a regular feature (seeing as how I can't avoid ogling at, and sometimes complimenting, well-dressed women on the roads)........let me know if you guys would like to see more such posts!

I came across Vaishali Pradhan on the NIFT (that's National Institute of Fashion Technology for the layman) campus one sunny afternoon, photographing another girl for one of her school projects.

Vaishali is a second year student of Fashion Communication at NIFT and the first thing she said on spotting me was that she loved ze blog and was an ardent follower!!! :D
I basked in the glory of my fifteen seconds of fame when she added that one of her current (and my ex) professors had actually recommended my blog to the entire class as reference! #cantstopsmiling

Well, these super-cool pair of Creepers was what made me rush to Vaishali in the first place.
Of course, I just had to know where she had got them from!!!

As it turned out, she had picked these awesome-sauce shoes from her home-town, Darjeeling.
And she has promised to give me an insider's list of all the must-shop-from places whenever I plan to visit the hill-station next! 

Apart from her cute top, the trendy midi-length monochrome skirt, those ah-mazing creepers and the messy hairdo, the tattoo on Vaishali's left hand was what added interest to her character.
On asking what it meant, she eagerly replied that it symbolises the Flower of Life.

Anupriya DG
October 19, 2014

Embrace Thy Ethnicity {Durga Puja Style Diary II}

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The later half of the year is always my favorite part of the 365 days. 
Coz those are the months when the calendar shows the most number of red-lettered dates....and of course, in India, mostly, holidays mean festivals! :)

Now that the festive hangover of DurgaPuja is slowly wearing off, we are gearing up with renewed vigour for Diwali - the festival of lights! 
Houses are getting a thorough cleaning, parties are being planned, new clothes are being bought and some of us are having a tough time deciding on gifts for our near & dear ones. 
My most favorite part of the festivities is planning creative ways of lighting up the den - rice lights that'll blink from out of the windows, lamps to be hung on the terrace, candles & tealights for illuminating the rooms and aromatic candles that'll float around in their make-shift oceans of water in decorative bowls/vases.

Here are some more DIY tips for those of you who want your homes to sparkle bright this Diwali:

1. Don't throw away empty wine bottles. Or beer bottles (whichever is your poison). Put in coils of rice lights in them and display them on coffee tables or corner tables. Switch off all bright lights and see your room glow from the muted lights coming from the pretty bottles!
2. Have rotten fruits in the refrigerator? Scoop out the stale pulp from inside such oranges or melons and keep the skin intact with a hole on top. Pour hot wax into these fruit skins and insert a wick in the middle. Your fruity candles are ready for use! (Thanks for the idea, Parama Ghosh)
3. Put lots of fresh flowers (specially fragrant ones like tuberose, rose, jasmine etc.) in cane/wicker baskets. Nestle small light bulbs amongst the flora and take the cord out of the back of the basket through the gaps in the weaving. Arrange these on a centre table or on top of cabinets and charm your guests with the soft glow of lights accompanied by the sweet fragrance of the flowers!

These are just a few ideas to get you started!
Do share your experiments and final décor projects with me!! 

Moving on, here's how I went Indian on the last day of the Durga Puja celebrations.
Festivals always bring out the traditional women in us, Indians, and this is the time of the year when we love to dress up in all our ethnic finery!
And as I always say, when in doubt, drape a sari. This goes for Diwali dressing too. :D

[Grey/gold cotton silk handloom sari: Nalli Silks, Chennai | Floral tassar silk blouse: Howrah Bridge | Yellow envelope clutch: borrowed from mom | Braided layers fabric neckpiece: Howrah Bridge | Pearl & enamel earrings: gifted | On my lips: Peach Crush by Colorbar]

Pictures courtesy: Debiparna Chakraborty

When it comes to saris, I either veer towards the quirky or go for traditional weaves in solid colors/stripes/checks. 
This sari was love at first sight and even though it came with a blouse piece in the same color, I knew I would be draping it with a contrast blouse, preferably printed. And I loved the final ensemble, even if I say so myself. What do you all think? 

In fact, I love it so much that I might just wear this outfit (albeit with different accessories) for one of the Diwali parties!
Also, I have entered this for a Diwali Fashion Contest being held by CupoNation. Vote for me, pretty please??? I swear I'll send you loads of love if I win! (I love you all even if I don't win, but still...just saying! Help me win?)

Anupriya DG
October 08, 2014

Durga Puja Style Diary I

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The biggest festival of the year is over and Goddess Durga, on her journey back to her husband's abode in the mountains, has left a void in her wake that is hard to fill.... 

The four days of mindblowingly enthusiastic festivity and the crazy rush building up to that, had consumed us so much that now we feel quite lost, as if our very souls have been sucked out of us by the hooded Dementors sent by the Ministry of Life to bring mundane normalcy back into our daily existence.

We are moping, we are feeling lazy, we are missing the festive chaos terribly and we are still thinking, feeling & talking about the fun moments of the last few days.
Oh! And of course, we are compiling archives of all the innumerable images clicked on our camera and phone, along with those begged, borrowed & stolen from our friends & family! 

Here's a small look through of a few outfits I sported during the Durga Puja days.....some more outfits are waiting patiently in the folders as they have been awarded the privilege of getting full posts for themselves! :)

[Top: Sepia | Pink denims: Shoppers Stop | Mint shoes: | Watch:]

[Ikat print tunic: Howrah Bridge | Earrings: some exhibition | Watch: Kenneth Cole | Silver Kolhapuri sandals: Metro Plaza, Kolkata]

[Blue batwing tunic: Zink London | Monochrome printed leggings: Simpark, Kolkata | Necklace: Pieces via Vero Moda | Blue & gold sandals: Metro Plaza, Kolkata]

[Blue ethnic anarkali kurta: local store | Bag: Max | Watch:]

In other news, I'm going on a short trip to the nearby hills tomorrow along with a couple of blogger buddies!!! :D
Too excited to say the least! Stay tuned for lots of travel pictures to come!!! 

For live updates, follow me on Instagram - @anupriyadg :D

Must crash now....have a journey to make tomorrow today! 

Anupriya DG
September 28, 2014

'Tis The Season To Dress Up! {Review:}

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Now that the end of the year is nearing and the wedding/party season is fast approaching, our wardrobe is in urgent need of all kinds of dresses to doll up in! 
To save ourselves last minute panic attacks, it's time we start picking up dresses that suit our body, style & personality......and what better way to do it than from the comfy confines of our couch, a mug of coffee in hand & laptop in front? :)

This year, I bring to you a vast treasure trove of dresses for all ages, figures, occasions & purposes - AvivaDress! Click on the link and it'll open a dreamland of gorgeous dresses for you to pick & choose from!!!
Be it prom dresses or evening dresses, formal dresses or party dresses, wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses - their wide range of well-cut, beautiful clothes will leave you spoilt for choice.

Hence, I thought of sharing some of my favorites with you while giving you an idea as to how you can style them as well! #win

Come winter, even the workplace comes abuzz with the excitement of cocktail parties & fancy dos. 
Pick a sensuous, yet elegant LBD from AvivaDress and turn heads by pairing it with heirloom kundan earrings from your mother's jewellery box! Offset the ethnicity of the earrings by wearing a chunky watch & ring, sling on a gold bag and let your colleagues know who's the boss!! ;)

Tying the knot and losing your night's sleep over what to wear? Hop over to AvivaDress and choose from a well-curated collection of fit-for-a-fairytale wedding dresses
Give a twist to your traditional wedding look by flaunting a pair of chic ear-cuffs and a hand-harness. Slip on a pair of metallic pumps, hitch up your ivory train and pick up a lovely bouquet. And remember the golden rule - make sure you have 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'!

Be it the Prom, the Christmas Party, the School-leaving Party or the Graduation Party, every girl wants to channel her inner diva on that special day! Months are spent planning the perfect dress and there's no better place to find it than AvivaDress
Pick from amongst a volley of all kinds of beauties ranging from short prom dresses to long prom dresses; bodycon ones to flared ones; sexy ones to pretty ones - you can browse and browse till you find THE ONE! :)
Pair the dress of your dreams with a pretty headband, stack up those dainty bracelets and flaunt a pair of charming floral heels (make sure they are comfortable - you don't want painful feet to distract you while you dance with your date, do you?)...........oh, and don't forget to pose with the funky party props at the picture booth! 

The end of the year means parties, parties and more parties!!! We lose track of the invites that flood our mailbox and lose count of the nights we spend drinking, dancing and having fun! AvivaDress brings to you a lust-worthy collection of party dresses & evening dresses and the pocket-friendly prices & unbelievable discounts ensure that you don't have to be seen in the same dress at more than one party! :D
This party season, pick solid colored gowns or evening dresses and give a quirky twist to the classic silhouettes by pairing them with monochrome printed stilettos and clutches! Flaunt some bling in the form of opulent cocktail rings and danglers, smoke up your eyes, paint those puckers coral and you are all set to rock the party!

What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. Hop over to AvivaDress and get lost in a deluge of gorgeous dresses! Let me warn you, you'll have a tough time choosing!!! 

Do share your picks with me! :)

Have a happy Sunday peeps!!!

Anupriya DG

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. But the views & opinions shared in it are entirely my own.
September 14, 2014

For The Love Of Beauty {Review: Green Trends Salon}

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Beauty may not be only skin-deep. But the part of it that is, needs our constant care & attention.

None of us have achieved that level of Nirvana yet where we don't bat an eyelid when we see that super-sized pimple in the middle of the forehead or we don't scream out in horror when we chip that perfectly manicured fingernail! :P
We all thrive on the high of looking good [albeit in the eyes of the beholder, but in our own eyes too] and the number of salons mushrooming all over the place thrive on this obsession of ours.
But like all good things in Life, you have to find that perfect one that suits you and fulfils all your beauty needs.

Among all the fancy beauty places that I see peppered around the city, I finally found a salon that I can go back to without the fear of disappointing my narcissistic self (if I may say so myself!) even a single time! :)

Green Trends has their chain of salons not only in Kolkata, but in numerous other cities throughout the country. An initiative of the renowned CavinKare group, the chain started off with their first few salons in Chennai and slowly made their presence felt across all major cities of India. Apart from being one of the most popular Family Salons around, they also took to hand, the task of training young men & women to become professional beauty experts and hairdressers by starting the Trends Academy.

Green Trends Unisex Hair & Style Salon offer a full range of grooming solutions for customers and each of their services provide full value for money. Right from hair cutting, styling & coloring services to beauty treatments to skincare solutions - Green Trends is the one-stop answer to all your hair & beauty woes. What's more? There's a high probability that you'll find one right in your neighborhood! :)

The cordial team at Green Trends had invited us over for a tête-a-tête with their Brand Trainer, Mr. Saddique Alam, about the latest trends in hairstyle and beauty.
I, of course, had to ask him about ways to control frizzy hair like mine, on which he advised me to try their Frizz-Control Alchemy Treatment. I obliged, and after about an hour of washing, caring, steaming and blow-drying; I was left quite speechless with the result!

The hairdresser who took me under his wings, used mostly Wella SP and L'Oreal products for the treatment. The Wella SP Smoothen Infusion is the main ingredient which helps control the frizz and the L'Oreal Total Repair serum holds the smoothness in place.
An expert blow-dry and an efficient bit of styling later, I had my look-in-the-mirror-and-don't-recognize-yourself moment! :D

I sooooo wish my hair could stay like this forever!!! *sigh*
(a girl can dream, right?)

Anyway, happy with my temporarily Page 3 celebrity-ish hair, I opted to end the day on a fragrant note by going for the Aromatherapy Pedicure.
The girl was sweet and surely knew how to pamper my feet! Special aromatherapy gels, scrubs and moisturisers with essential oils made my feet soft and supple like a baby's and a fresh & quirky coat of metallic black nail paint just upped my happiness index!

You can see for yourself how relaxed and happy me and Debiparna looked as we enjoyed our pedi session! 

Maxi dress: Howrah Bridge

And of course, an event like this one at Green Trends Salon is just an excuse for meeting most of the city bloggers! :)
We looked around, we chatted, we preened and pouted, we clicked, we laughed, we learned and we had lots of fun!

Pictures courtesy: Me, Debiparna, Poorna, Bidisha

I'll be heading to the nearest Green Trends Salon (there are 3 branches in Kolkata) soon in order to spruce up before the upcoming festive season! I have quite a few of their services in mind which I want to try out. After all, we have to look our best during the biggest festival of the year, don't we?
All for the love of beauty, of course! 

Have a blissful Sunday y'all!

Anupriya DG


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