Hello 2014!

And hello all you people who've partied (or not) yourselves into the new year!!! :)

Five days into the new year, I have had my fair share of excitement already............what with a blazing fire in front of the house in an electric transformer box that had us out on the streets, pyjama-clad, in the cold at 5 am; Soumi's (a friend whom I met on the blogosphere) fun b'day party; meeting a fellow Indian blogger from Canada and my bit of fame in the form of a feature in an article on bloggers-cum-entrepreneurs in Indulge, the Friday supplement that comes with the new Indian Express in Chennai!!

Soumi (yes....the b'day girl) said recently that she's excited to read my new year resolutions. Well........as each year passes with too many new resolutions made, some of them kept & most of them broken.....I decided to skip the whole la-di-dah this year and just make a bucket list. Maybe, voice my own wishes/aims/thoughts?

I want to travel. Here. There. Everywhere.

If I ever win a lottery or some unknown rich kin-less relative leaves me a huge legacy (or something similar happens that makes me a millionaire overnight.....you get the drift, right?), I'll just pack my bags, take my camera and set out to see the world. I want to go everywhere. To the small towns, to the big cities. To the highest mountains, to the prettiest beaches. To the cold climes, to the hot tropics. To near, to far. I want to leave my footprints on every path. I want to live out of a suitcase. Maybe two. Ummm....considering the places I'll visit & the amount of shopping I'll do (right above traveloholic, on the list of words that best describe me, there's shopaholic!).........well, make that twenty. 

I want to give. A little more, everyday.

We all crib about how we don't have enough money or how we could have done with a bit more. Well, there's always someone else to whom whatever we have seems like a lot! We never think twice before spending small amounts like 10, 20, 50, 100 bucks on trivial things like a chocolate, a pack of chips, a magazine, a hair-clip or even a cup of coffee. But if we can spare the least of that amount for someone who needs it, well, it would make much more of a difference than that once-read-then-discarded magazine or that sipped-sitting-in-an-AC-cafe cup of sub-standard coffee. A difference, that'll make you feel good. Mark my words, try it.

I want to create. And then some more.

My career runs on creativity. And good business skills, of course. Since I have a major lack in the second ingredient, I have to make up for it with the first. In fact, creativity is what had driven me to be the much-talked-about-and-criticized "Designer" in a family brimming with expectations of making either doctors or engineers out of their children. Creativity is what had driven me to hand in the letter at my comfortable & well-paying 9 to 5 job and start my own small venture. Creativity is what drives me each day, each moment to do something new - to design, to blog, to write, to sketch, to make, to click, to think, to envision. 

I want to break free. Shake off those shackles. 

I want to get married, not because I'm slowly creeping past the socially acceptable marital age, but because I feel it's the right time to. I want to make friends with people who live scandalous lives, because I know where to draw the line. I want to go on road trips and live on roadside dhaba meals, because you can't see the myriad changing hues of the sky at sunset from behind tinted glasses of posh hotels. I want to stay in at home on a Monday and watch movies & soap reruns; because I can work my a** off through nights & even through Sundays when all my clients need clothes at once. I want to speak my mind and say what I feel in situations that demand delicate handling, because I don't want to look back on that moment later & wish that I had not kept quiet. I want to rise above the limitations of tradition & restrictive mentality and not care for illogical social taboos, because apart from being an Indian, I'm also a woman of the world. 

These are a few of the most foremost & important paths I want to tread this year. I hope to walk on these paths strong, confident & happy. Hope to see some of you along the way! ^_^

Note: All the above photos have been taken by me, apart from the one of me clicking the cat, of course! [That has been clicked by a fellow photographer friend on one of our photowalks]

Have an amazing 2014 fellas!!!
Eat. Drink. Be merry.
Work hard.
Party harder.

Anupriya DG