HOWRAH BRIDGE Lookbook 2013

As you read this, I'm having fun with friends in the freezing temperatures of Delhi. :D

Yes, I'm on a trip to the capital city of India to visit the amazing hub of creativity - the India Art Fair! And also taking this opportunity to meet up with old (and new) friends and do some business as well! ;)

Those of you who are connected to me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are getting an idea on what I'm up to! ^_^

Anyway, talking of business, I recently created a Lookbook of the most fun & quirky pieces from the Howrah Bridge collections last year. And while I'm showing this Lookbook to multi-designer stores in Delhi and discussing business opportunities with them, I thought I would share the same with you guys too! Do let me know what you think!


The Collared Jacket in rickshaw print

The Pleat Me Pretty Dress in telephone print

The Frill Fetish Owl Tunic

The Military Anchored Jacket in telephone print

The Buttoned Up Shrug in chasma print

The Button Up Jacket in chasma print

Styling & Photography: Anupriya DG
Model: Soumi Paul

I had awesome fun doing this shoot with Soumi! I chose her as the model coz I knew she's crazy enough to go ahead with my equally crazy ideas of a "faceless" shoot! :P
And to tell the truth, our crazy efforts became quite a hit when we shared these pictures on Facebook! So, I think, we may have done something right only.........right

So long, then! I'll be back with more posts on my exploits in Delhi!!! :D

Stay stylish!
Anupriya DG