Style Remix: Cobalt Pants

One of the main characteristics of Pisceans is that they are dreamers. BIG dreamers.
And where there are dreams, can procrastination be far behind? *sigh*

Yes, true to being a Piscean, I am a bit of both - big on dreams & high on procrastination.
But while chucking out the calendars with last year's dates & looking at the pages reading J-A-N-U-A-R-Y in shiny new letters, I decided it was time to prove them sun-sign booklets wrong. It was time to stop feeding my daydreams with vivid visions sketched by the heart. It was time to break the strong bond between those lazy moments & procrastination.
It was time to go out there & do something.

Some of those things I have done in the last few months.....many more such things I'm going to do throughout the year! For now, my lazy moments are spent, not procrastinating, but planning how to go about making those dreams come true...! :)

Meanwhile, here's how I styled my favorite pair of cobalt pants from Vero Moda on four different occasions.
P.S.: Do you think these pants are having an affair with my green Enroute suede loafers? They do seem to have a soft corner for each other, no? ;)

[Click on the links to go to the respective outfit posts]

So, as you see, a pair of comfy cobalt pants like mine is a good investment if you ask me!
I have taken mine from road trips around Gujarat to national fashion events!! ^_^

Hope you are ready to welcome Monday with a smile on your lips & a spring in your steps!!!

Anupriya DG