India, as a land, is known for her diversity in region, religion, culture & tradition. Just as she is also known for the unity that we uphold in spite of (or maybe because of) the said diversity!
During the 14th-15th of this month, the people of many of the regions of our vast country celebrated the start of the New Year as per their traditional regional calendar. We, Bengalis, were one such community of Indians who stepped into a New Year on the 15th of April amidst much revelry & festivity! 
We are now officially in the year 1421 as per the Bengali calendar. :)

As with most Indian festivals, the Noboborsho (that's 'New Year' in my mother tongue) means celebrations with friends & family, lots of yummy food & sweets and of course, new clothes!!! 
I spent the day being pampered by my uncle & aunt with a sumptuous lunch at their place and then gossiped & laughed away the evening with my blogger buds Soumi & Debiparna! Oh!! What a fun start to the year!!! :D

I made myself a new tunic for the occasion!
P.S.: Orange & fuschia is my new favorite combination!!! <3

[Tunic: Howrah Bridge | Earrings: Thrifted | Silver bangle: Commercial Street, Bangalore | Woven cane bangles: Gifted, from Bangladesh | Watch: Kenneth Cole | Silver ring: Amrapali | On my lips: Pretty Please, Colorbar]

I have been spending a very lazy Easter weekend at home. A sketchpad & a bunch of pens helped me doodle away my dreams on Friday. A book (Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri) and a pair of glasses saw me through the whole of Saturday, helped by leftover sweetmeats from the festive week & occasional tumblers of ice tea. And I plan to spend Sunday catching a movie with the guy & then having dinner with family. 
Yes. No excitement. No party. No late nights. And definitely no plans of crazy fun. Sure signs of ageing, I tell you! 

Happy Easter you all!!! 

Hugs & Kisses,
Anupriya DG