Entrepreneurship 101 & Delhi Diary II

Since the very beginning of 2014, I had a feeling that this year was going to be special. I wanted this year to be one filled with many firsts, many fulfilments, many achievements & many experiences.
The year did start on a good note with my fun-filled Delhi trip with friends & an awe-inspiring time at the India Art Fair.
April saw me finally taking the plunge and joining swimming lessons after 28 long years of nurturing an unfulfiled wish & being kept from it by a paranoid astrologer-said-you-have-fear-from-water mother. But not any more! I've taken to water like fish (no wonder there, I AM a Piscean!) and I'm loving every bit of my early morning sessions at the pool! :)
I have also enrolled myself for an MOOC (That's Masive Open Online Course for the uninitiated) by MIT called Entrepreneurship 101. Yes, among all other things.
Apart from being provided all course material online, we are also being called for interactive sessions at the Americal Centre every Wednesday, where entrepreneurs from all fields & walks of life are sharing their experience & knowledge with us. These sessions are quite interesting & inspiring and I've been picking up quite a few gems of tips & tricks from these pros on how to build a customer-base, how to expand, how to market your brand, how to reach out to your customer, so on & so forth. Here are some bits I thought I would share with you guys!
  • Entrepreneurship can solve either of the two purposes - either you can solve someone's problem with your business: like taking a painkiller; or you can do what you like or want to do: much like taking multi-vitamin tablets!
  • The best way to learn about business, is through failure.
  • Don't become an entrepreneur for money. Do it for the passion.
  • Don't make false promises. Say Yes to only what you can deliver.Learn to say No.
  • You may keep wine in a barrel in order to store it & make out of it 20 years later. But you must make sure there's not a single leak in the barrel, or else, after all those years, you'll open the barrel to see that it's empty! Similarly, make sure that there's no leak in your business, all drainage must be regulated & stopped so that you can reap the benefits even years later.

So, majorly, it's swimming & the Entrepreneurship course keeping me busy. Also, I have started teaching as a guest faculty in yet another fashion institute - iNifd - so that adds to my hectic schedule! [And so, now you know why I'm blogging after almost a month]

Leaving you with another batch of pictures from my Delhi trip in February! Yes, thinking of the cold weather does, even if for a moment, give me relief from the claustrophobic stuffiness of this swelteringly hot & humid weather!! 

Blogger Surbhi was my most precious find in Delhi! This girl was one of the sweetest, most gracious & warm girl I've ever come across! She took me around the city, played an amazing hostess cooking me awesome breakfast & even took me to a blogger event!!! 
What's more, she insisted I put up with her whenever I'm in Delhi next! Can't wait to see this lovely soul again! :*

And this was my next most precious find in the capital - Surbhi's adorable daughter Kaashvi!!! Hope to see this ray of sunshine soon too! <3

Blue poncho: Max
Pink/grey striped sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
Floral denims: Promod
Cameo pendant necklace: Tribal Zone
Moustache ring: Shoppers Stop
Tan lace-up booties: Catwalk

Pictures courtesy: Surbhi & her husband

I must sign off now - have swimming early morning tomorrow!! *phew*
There might be more exciting things to come my way.........I have high expectations of 2014, hope the year lives up to them! ^_^

Let's welcome Monday with a hop, skip & a smile!!!

Anupriya DG


  1. First of all, I'm pleased to see you return to the blogosphere. Or maybe I haven't been regularly visiting this fine blog of yours. I wish you well with your new adventures and your new endeavors. You have my full respect and my blessings with whatever you set your mind and heart to. Take care, Anupriya!


  2. My son and hubby have enrolled for swimming lessons and I'm planning to start too. Just waiting for my sis' entrance exams to get over so we can go together! Do keep posting your Entrepreneurship 101 tidbits on the blog!

  3. Nice picture. You have a lovely smile. I know Surbhi. She is a sweetheart.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  4. Awesome Anupriya. Looks like u had loads of fun. I want to start swimming classes too. dont know when but soon.

    New Post Up

  5. the course sounds really nice!! And looks like you had a great trip too. <3

  6. I wish all the best 2014 gal
    U desrve the best

  7. Useful tips! thanks for sharing. Your trousers are so pretty. and wow you are juggling with so many things...all the very best.

  8. Awww, u r a sweetheart too ! I had equal amount of fun knowing u ! And thank u for sharing me n Kaashvi in ur post ! I look forward to seeing u again soon in Delhi ! lots of luvvvv....xoxo

  9. I wish I could feel cold looking at these photos..but the effect is opposite.

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