I'm back from the trip that started out as a single destination, but saw me visiting two cities [and one town] and having loads of fun in the process! 
In Chennai, I put up with my cousin (you all know what fun times one can have with them) and also spent some lovely evenings with my blogger girlfriend Sayantani - we took long strolls on the beach, binged on cupcakes & gossiped like there's no tomorrow! :D
Bangalore saw me meeting up with some lovely blogger buddies whom I had the pleasure of knowing only virtually till now.....no stranger who would have seen us could ever imagine that we were meeting for the first time! I will forever be indebted to this humble blog for giving me the chance to befriend such amazing souls everywhere!! <3

Chilling with Sayantani at a beach-side cafe in Chennai

You know you are in Chennai when you see flowered heads all around! 

Nothing as arty as our country's tradition...

Finally met Bangalore blogger girl Sonshu! :)

AND blogger-friend-cum-loyal-client Krithi!!! 

Of course, my Bangalore visit wouldn't be complete without a date with these two hotties - the spunky Smrithi (R) & the chic Ruhi (L)! <3

Yum cupcakes at The Cupcake Company, Chennai

What's a girl's evening out without selfies? ;)

Maxi dress: Howrah Bridge

 No, I didn't wear the same maxi dress twice during the trip coz I was travelling light.
I wore this maxi once in Bangalore & once in Chennai, simply for the sheer comfort without having to compromise on the style quotient! Though both places were less hot than the city I escaped from, this cotton maxi dress from my own clothing line seemed like the perfect pick for the south-Indian summer - cool, comfy & chic! 
 And thanks to the pics that I shared on the social media, the orders have already started to pour in! ^_^

Have a fun week fellas!
Anupriya DG


  1. That maxi dress looks fantastic on you. What a great trip you had, too. x

    1. Thanks Vix! But I think you look the best in maxis! They are so you! :)

  2. I love maxi dresses. You look gorgeous, along with the other ladies!! Meeting fellow bloggers is so much fun!!

    1. Yes it is Jean!! I'm so glad we connected through our mutual blogger friends! :)

  3. What a lovely post Anupriya. please share more photos from your trip. ( I keep lemming for more if someone is traveling).

    You are from Kolkata! Hope someday we meet!

  4. Awesome post Anu..looks like u had loads of fun.


    1. You bet I did Aditi!! Look forward to meeting you someday too! :)

  5. Oh how I miss Bangalore! Glad you enjoyed your time! Love the colours on your maxi dress!

  6. That was some trip! very cool...These ladies are awesome. I like their blogs.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  7. You could have brought back those cupcakes :'( .. such cravings I am having! We need to meet up at any cupcake joint post exams!

  8. Lovely print dear :D


  9. Hey gal
    Was lucky to meet u . Finally !!!
    Thanks for mentioning me love

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