{Nail Tale} A French Half-Moon

Hello! Hola! Namaste!

How are you peeps doing?
How's the week going for y'all???

I'm busy, to say the least...! Work, work & more work!! Phew!
But alongside, preparations for the big 'happening' are on in full swing too!!! Hopefully, this hair-pulling, nail-biting suspense will end with my next post! Keep those wishes coming fellas! I need 'em all!!! 

For now, I recently realised that I had never quite done a Nail Art post in spite of being someone who likes to extend her creativity to the cuticles. So, here's some nail art for you guys to get inspired by! (Hopefully, my attempts will serve as inspiration to some of you out there who are not yet experts at this art!)

Disclaimer: All nail art have been done free hand with the nail paint brush, without the use of any guides, professional brushes or any other nail art tools.

Maybelline Color Show nail paints are the next best beauty products I have used after Pond's BB+ cream!
The vibrant range of fun colors coupled with a smooth texture & the unbelievably pocket-friendly price tag makes me feel like buying the whole range at one go!!
No, I did not indulge in that whim. Yet.
But I do have enough colors already...as you'll see as you scroll down! :)

My Colorbar neons come a close second to Color Show as far as nail paints are concerned.
And as I have told you once here, pink & orange is my new fav combination! <3

I was not over my love for the pop-hued Color Show range, when Maybelline launched the Color Show Glitter Mania. This time, I did not fall in love. I fell in lust!
This was the first mani I did with the Starry Nights glittery black combining it with a pastel Blueberry Ice.
But I already had a hundred ideas involving this sparkling stunner running through my head!

And this is what I have on my nails as I type this post. :)
Yes, am still not over all the sparkle! And the fact that this nail paint is named after one of my favorite Van Gogh creations helps, of course! 

As you can see, I'm more of a French mani & half-moon mani kind of person when it comes to nail art. 
Not to forget that these styles are quite easy to achieve without tools, yet gives a chic look! #win

Just waiting for the weekend now....! Have some fun plans (including something for the blog!)!!
What are you all planning to do this weekend? Tell me!

Anupriya DG