Style Remix: Dior Bag

I was always someone who trusted people blindly.
Always the gullible one. One who would believe anything & anybody.

My mom has been chiding me for this trait of mine ever since I remember.
According to her:
Cause - I'm stupid
Fact - I'm gullible
Effect - I get cheated/fooled/tricked/hoodwinked

Over the years, with all kinds of experiences I had to face thanks to my trusting instincts, I have sobered up quite a bit. Till the beginning of the year, I used to think that things are better now. I can recognise the cheats for who they are & I'm not such an easy target any more. 

But, I guess, I was wrong! :(

It's not only from the people you don't know or strangers that you have to save yourself from. One has to trust selectively even when it comes to our own acquaintances!
And then again, there are times when you put blind faith on someone to get something done....and things end in a mess, coz you had not got it done yourself, but depended upon someone else for it. Maybe that other person had no intention of messing things up, but he/she was not to be given the responsibility of your trust.
In the past 5 months (and a few days), quite a few things in my life got screwed up just because I trusted in someone else to carry out some actions for me. People whom I thought to be (more) responsible, made mistakes which cost me loads of money, pain, headache & stress! 
So, another lesson learnt from the great teacher called Life: Do not, I repeat, do not trust/depend on anyone else to make things right for you. If you need something done, go out & do it yourself. You are the only one who knows what's best for you, no one else is to be trusted to have that knowledge!!!

Of course, I emerged on the other side of these experiences - stronger, smarter & wiser. :)

I had scored this look-alike Lady Dior in purple on one my trips to Bangalore. I got this at 0.0001% of the price of the original classic from the house of Dior.....but then, obviously, I have to rob a bank if I want to buy the real one, so this knockoff makes me feel 'Lady' enough and stops me from being a criminal! #win ;)

I have taken this beauty out on numerous dates and  though of sharing some of the many ways you can style this bag. As you can see, even though it's a very stark hue like purple, still I didn't have much difficulty wearing it with all types of colors!

Which is your favorite look? Do let me know!!!
[P.S.: Click on the descriptions below the picture to go to individual posts]

Take care, peeps!

Anupriya DG


  1. Sorry to hear you had such a bad and stressful time lately. Glad things sorted out by now. That's such a gorgeous bag. Lovely color too. I like all looks, but my favorite is #1, it's so elegant, chic, trendy yet casual at the same time. I'd say just perfect.

  2. Oh Anu, I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been going through lately. I'm one of those people who never trusts anyone but themselves, but that can be an equally negative quality because I sometimes alienate other people by insisting I never need help, I can always do things best myself. We just can't win, can we! Anyway, I hope things get better for you. And in the meantime, at least you have that gorgeous Dior lookalike bag.

  3. I have visited your blog, ever since I saw a mention of your work on Tanvii's blog, bcoz I just loved her foot print dress designed by you, and I love how you have such a fun nature to your designs.My favorite look is the first one,it blends in best. Regards to your issue of trust, I just felt....I match the same tendancy of your , to trust easily.I had same issue since childhood, and I still seldom fall prey.....hmmm....but I know , this happens bcoz we are just too sweet to believe ,that people in general are trust-able... :P


  4. I completely agree with u, re doing some things on ur own..
    Its much easier.
    N the bag looks cute..


  5. If you need something done, go out and do it yourself!- I hear you on that my dear! totally concur with you.
    And the bag, I really love this shade of purple. My favorite look is the first one from left.

  6. I'm not a fan of purple as a colour at all! I find it tricky to carry off and have an uneasy feeling throughout. It makes me neither happy nor sad. It just doesn't evoke anything in me. But anyway, if I have to pick one look, guess I'd pick the first one. And what did I tell you yesterday? Being a role model comes with a price. So, I get to freak out and you don't. :-P

  7. Glad to hear you've survived these trying times! Great bag, gorgeous colour, a fab addition to any outfit! x

  8. You said it: "do not trust/depend on anyone else to make things right for you." No truer words than these. Hope all is fine at your end and now.
    That Lady Dior looks so pretty.
    ❤ Amena.
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  9. I love purple…Sweet post <3


  10. Being gullible is something I would correlate to as a piscean trait. Haha! On a serious note though, there are so many, countless experiences that all of us go through of being deceited, fooled, disrespected, talked about, people wanting ill and saying ill of you, that sometimes it gets difficult to contain all of that in the face of earth. But the power lies in keeping faith in yourself, and simply moving on. Such people are just a small chapter in your life...and a chapter for the good. And, thank God that chapter happened because no good would have come without it. More power to you girl :) You know you rock!
    Thank you for stopping by my work and your constant support and encouragement. It truly means a lot to me. Thank you!

  11. Omg!! When I was reading the first few paras, it felt as if I was writing my heart out.. Ru a Piscean or Aquarian by any chance.. By the I am a cusp of both.. This had happened to me so many times and I never learn.. Anyways I loved the 1st outfit :)

  12. i love the 1st look the best. and i have this same attitude! it just puts all strain on your own shoulders. but at least I have you all to consult with now at least :)

  13. I totally agree with Agam here being gullible is a piscean trait and i myself being a piscean have been cheated so many times and now also I trust ppl very daily....anyhoo life is life! i love all the outfits but my favorite being first one!

  14. Yes teaches us a lot!! i have had such experiences too and believe I think they were much needed.

    Like all your looks :)

  15. Such a lovely post! It's good to hear that you've found the strength to properly believe in yourself :) I have to say that the fourth look is my fave, that blue is absolutely gorgeous!


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