An aromalicious evening! {Review: Four Fountains Spa}

I have been running around a lot lately.
Mostly on work. Online orders, new collections, new product ranges and even an impromptu exhibition.
And then, the rest of the time, trying to pick up the pieces of my broken dreams.
[Don't know what I'm talking about? Read this.]
Needless to say, stress has been my constant companion. And sometimes I felt like running away from it all to go, meditate on the top of the Himalayas!
That's when my inbox awarded me with a surprisingly welcome e-mail. The wonderful people from the Four Fountains De-Stress Spa wanted me to review the services of the Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Kolkata!
And the timing couldn't have been better!!! I was dying to de-stress...and an evening at the Four Fountains Spa seemed like a blessing (without any disguise)!

I made an appointment with them pronto and Friday evening saw me walk into the cool interiors of The Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Kolkata. As soon as I set foot into the lemongrass-scented ambience of the spa, it felt like a part of my stress had chosen to stay back outside on the dusty roads under the sweltering summer sun. 
Two very sweet ladies welcomed me at the dimly lit reception, and the serene Buddha figurines all around seemed to cast a spell by themselves!
There was also a plaque on the wall mentioning how each & every element of the décor including the aroma, the backrest of the seats & even the doorhandles was designed to relieve people of their stress! Impressive or what?

Soon as I was seated, a glass of orange squash appeared before me, along with a form I had to fill in with all my details. Next came a stress test by the in-house Dr. Manisha Jha and after much consultation with her, I zeroed in on the Relaxing Aromatherapy Message. :)

My therapist led me into a cozy room with low lighting, a spa bed, scented candles burning in diffusers and de-stressing quotes hung on the walls.
The Aromatherapy Message is carried out using essential oils such as French Lavender which helps in reducing anxiety and Ylang Ylang which relaxes nerves. During the therapy, the oils seep into our body through the pores while we breathe in their aroma through our nose - both culminating in the discharge of hormones that get rid of mental exhaustion & freshen up our mind.
The therapist worked deftly on my body, easing the tension out of my stuff muscles and opening up pressure points that I didn't even know existed! By the end of the session, I was almost lulled into the depths of sweet slumber....*sigh*

At the end of a little more than an hour, I took a bath in hot & cold water and came out completely rejuvenated & amazingly refreshed! I felt so light that I thought I almost glided out of the therapy room. :D

After reassuring all of the courteous staff that I have had a wonderfully rejuvenating experience and I'm totally going to recommend their services to all & sundry, I walked out back into the evening hustle & bustle of the city armed with some parting gifts from the Four Fountains Team - a diet & exercise guide brochure, a prescription booklet, a discount voucher for my next visit and a mini-jar of their special de-stress ointment!!
I came back home a happy & refreshed girl and I'm ready to enjoy the weekend and take on the coming week with renewed zest!

So, yes...I would definitely recommend the Four Fountains De-Stress Spa to whoever feels like they are being plagued by extreme mental tension or stress. Not only that, you can go try one of their beauty therapies for glowing skin or anti-ageing treatments!
Find the Four Seasons De-Stress Spa outlets all over India in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore & Pune.

Now let me see when I can plan my next visit. My skin could do with some glowing & de-tanning, I tell you!

Stay de-stressed!

Anupriya DG