Between The Lines

Too much is happening suddenly.
Work pressure is at its peak, since the festive season is drawing near. (Yes, it's almost time for Goddess Durga to make her annual appearance! #happiness)
Classes for the new semester has started at college [in case you guys missed out on it, I'm a guest faculty at my alma mater, NIFT] and playing 'Teacher' is not as easy as it seems! 
My workers have been doing the bunk at every possible opportunity, sending my blood pressure rocketing sky-high!!! *sigh*

trying to take each day as it comes....the hours whizz by in a whirlwind of work, worry, wishful thinking & wakefulness...

up in the morning is the hardest task of the day....coz my eyes refuse to close till they hear the wake up calls of the early birds among the neighbour's trees...

to the World Wide Web.
I think that's what my relationship status on Facebook should read.


I wore this on a family evening out, a couple of weeks back. 

The yellow & grey striped fabric was love at first sight! I just had to make myself something out of it....and here I am! :)

What do you guys think of the asymmetric use of the stripes? Interesting, eh? 

Kept the accessories dainty and simple, for a change....and let the fun top do the talking!

[Striped top: HOWRAH BRIDGE | Black denims: BK Market, Kolkata | Black sling bag: Mom's | Watch: Giordano, gifted by B | Necklace: Blur, gifted | Set of rings: Accessorisingg, Instagram | On my lips: Peach Crush, Colorbar | On my nails: Orange Fix + Starry Nights, Maybelline]

Time to head back to a bit of content writing that I'm not very content with, right now! 
Well, a writer has to live with her blocks!! *sigh*

As for the biggest thing that is happening in my life (apart from everything that I ranted about, above)....
well, if you really wanna know, 
just read between the lines! ;)

Anupriya DG


  1. Loving those clever stripes. Hope life calms down for you soon. x

  2. You looked so pretty that day! And it feels so good to know the between the lines story already! Saves me so much efforts as far as my brains are concerned!

  3. hahahhaa u write so well ma gal
    I could read between lines
    congragulations ....muahs

  4. It's very interesting! :) Loving those nails too.
    Btw, I went to NIFT kolkata too.......and..I think I did manage to read between the lines :)

  5. pujo pujo gondho charidike .. and congratulations

  6. Yup. You did a great job with the stripes.

  7. i love this stripe top..your hair is such a winner..and that necklace :)
    i am so good at reading between the lines. ;)

  8. Love how you designed and cut this top using the stripes.
    'Whirlwind' sounds like a wafting breeze in comparison with the level of daily activity you have reeled off here. Phew, it all seems very non-stop for you right now. And yet, in the face of stressful days and sleepless nights, you still look radiant. How do you do it?

  9. Wow! Somebody is excited about Durga Puja! I didn't even realise it was right round the corner till mum asked me if I wanted to buy Pujo clothes!


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