Cat O' Nine Tales

Recently I heard somewhere that cats are so fond of their food & comfort, that they never want their owners to stay away from them. Hence, a girl who has too many pet cats never gets married, supposedly because of her cats' evil eye. 

Those of you who have petted cats throughout your growing years and are still a part of a happy, conjugal life right now, may argue your case.

I, for one, am happy to have them cats frolicking on my clothes, rather than all over my house.
I don't wanna take any chances. 
Nobody quite likes snappy, ol' spinsters with cats growing out of their harsh, pulled-back buns, you know! :P

Wore this to an outing to the mall with ze family last weekend. 
Put together an array of summer sorbet shades - the mint, the bubblegum pink and the sunshine yellow look made for each <3

I scored this t-shirt on one of my last visits to a local market that boasts of hoards of quirky stuff sourced from Bangkok and Korea. 
This piece was lying unnoticed among a heap of garments that were on clearance sale and I actually picked it up at a throwaway price!! :D
What's more....whoever have seen this fun piece of clothing till now (be it on Instagram or Facebook or live on me, in person) have gone gaga over it and most of them have almost begged me to lend/gift/hand it to them. But I'm not parting with my cats any time soon!  :P

[Cat print top: BK Market, Kolkata | Pink denims: Shoppers Stop | Envelope clutch: | Layered spikes necklace: Latin Quarters | Watch: Anne Klein | Multicolored beaded bracelet: Accessorize | Pink spiked bracelet: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai | Blue moustache bracelet: | Gold ring: Aldo Accessories | Mint patent loafers: | On my eyes: Eyeconic Black, Lakme | On my lips: Pretty Please, Colorbar]

There's been some exciting developments in my life over the last few days. :)
Actually want to shout it out to you guys, but can't really do so right now. All in good time, I guess! *sigh*

Till then, think about those cats and do let me know if you have a case in favor of an argument! ;)

Anupriya DG