Style Remix: Monochrome Top

While you guys have been busy reading between the lines, I was counting days to my favorite time of the year! Yes....Durga Puja is only 38 days away!!! *happy dance*
I have, of course, done a spot of shopping too! Can't wait to wear all the new clothes and have three days (Mahanavami & Mahadashami are on the same day this year!) of unlimited fun with the fiancé, friends & family! :D

In fact, looking forward to the end of September is the only thing keeping me sane right now.
The overflowing Lakme Fashion week updates in all my social media feeds are making me feel suicidal for not being at the centre of all the action! :'(
Twice a year, when the whole Indian fashion industry flocks to Bombay for five weeks of unadulterated fashion, I sit at home, reminiscing about the couple of times that I have been part of the extravaganza. Two times a year, my heart leaves my body to rot in the polluted airs of Kolkata and plants itself firmly in the front row at Bombay's most happening fashion event, leaving the coveted seats only to spend the nights along the embankments on Marine Drive...
This season, as I browse through the Youtube channels and fashion week photos on Facebook & Instagram, I make an oath to my fashion-deprived self that I'll be back there next year, come hell or high tide! 

For now, the countdown to the biggest Bengali festival begins! 

Clockwise from top left: Monochrome + Yellow | Monochrome + Blue | Monochrome + Green | Monochrome + Pink

Today's Style Remix revolves around one of my favorite items of clothing - a top with monochrome stripes. 
If you see the ways I have worn this versatile piece of beauty, you'll understand how well it goes with all sorts of vibrant color blocks! This top worn with any one of my colored pants is my go-to outfit whenever I'm in doubt!! I just add some pops of another color via accessories and I'm good to go! :)

[P.S.: Click on the descriptions below the picture to go to individual posts]

Have a choc-a-bloc weekend ahead! *phew*

What are you guys upto?

Anupriya DG


  1. Worn beautifully, each and every way! Don't be sad about Mumbai. Have your own fashion event, your clothes are amazing. xxx

  2. This one is one of the most versatile piece of clothing one can own! Anything with stripes actually. I wish I could wear my striped shorts more often. Sigh. And see, I told ya! I deliver on my Monday promises! Hee hee...

  3. Monochrome tops r so versatile ...i love them. N u totally rock this striped top in all the looks.
    Wish i can attend the durga puja in Kolkata for once.


  4. yes!! durga puja is round the corner!!

    Speaking of lakme fashion week, as i always say, waiting eagerly for the day when you showcase :D

    You look amazing in all the looks and yeah stripes are grt to go with color pants!!


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