Hello, September!

A new month always holds new promises - of new beginnings and new adventures! :)

September brings with it the whiff of Fall, the smell of festivity in the air and the feeling that another year is drawing to a hurried end...

For us, Bengalis, all we can think of right now is the upcoming Durga Puja (I know I have been ranting about it in most of my recent posts....but sorry guys, you have to bear with me till the hangover of the festivities are over!)........we count days, we pair up our new clothes with matching accessories, we make plans with friends & family, we lament the fact that this year we'll be getting one day less to celebrate (thanks to the astrological calendar) and we rummage through the archives of last few years in search of the perfect festive Facebook cover photo! :P

The end of September will see us out on the road in throngs, hopping from pandal to pandal through day & night, drinking in the revelry with an energy and enthusiasm that's missing in us for the rest of the 361 days in a year! But then, these simple pleasures are what make Life worth living, eh? 

[ Houndstooth maxi dress: BK Market, Kolkata | Aztec print shrug: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai | Pink geometric necklace: Blur, Mumbai | Stack of 3 moustache rings: Accessorize, gifted by B | Yellow watch: Giordano, gifted by B | Black ballerina flats: Myntra.com | On my lips: Pretty Please, Colorbar | On my nails: Exclusive, Colorbar ]

Pictures courtesy: Soumi

I wore this last to last weekend - hoping my light layers will woo Fall to come sooner! *sigh*
Wish the depressing rains would now make way for the fluffy clouds and azure skies of Autumn! (Rain God, can you hear me???)

Anupriya DG


  1. You are so cute, and so are this houndstooth maxi dress and those flats. Sweet smile and hairstyle. You look amazing!


  2. Rocking that gingham! Love to witness Durga Puja one day rather than just the BBC documentaries! xxx

  3. You look gorgeous.. love that shrug ... and can you give some tips on shopping in BK market.. ?

  4. You got this maxi dress from B.K? How come you chance upon such nice maxis from B.K and I never do? The green and blue one at first and now this. *Sob sob*

  5. M crazy abt the houndstooth print n frantically searching for one..so jealous of ur maxi dress.
    N that shrug is wow..after all its frm Aamchi Mumbai. ;)


  6. Make the most of the festive season baby! Love your dress. It looks so happy and that ring is so cute.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  7. Looking lovely dear :)


  8. I don't come across anything like this dress in BK! But I do get shoes I keep wearing whenever I am there. I love that jacket too.

  9. You are looking just gorgeous, Anu! Bright colours have always suited you so well. And I always love reading about the Durga Puja festivities on your blog. Even though I've never experienced it myself, I know it must be wonderful just from how you describe it :)

  10. I am in love with your new hair style. You look awesome in this outfit. everything is so much fun and quirk here :)

  11. Quite a quirky styling sense I must say ! Love the colors !

  12. I love the pairing! So colourful and happy! I love :D


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