Embrace Thy Ethnicity {Durga Puja Style Diary II}

The later half of the year is always my favorite part of the 365 days. 
Coz those are the months when the calendar shows the most number of red-lettered dates....and of course, in India, mostly, holidays mean festivals! :)

Now that the festive hangover of DurgaPuja is slowly wearing off, we are gearing up with renewed vigour for Diwali - the festival of lights! 
Houses are getting a thorough cleaning, parties are being planned, new clothes are being bought and some of us are having a tough time deciding on gifts for our near & dear ones. 
My most favorite part of the festivities is planning creative ways of lighting up the den - rice lights that'll blink from out of the windows, lamps to be hung on the terrace, candles & tealights for illuminating the rooms and aromatic candles that'll float around in their make-shift oceans of water in decorative bowls/vases.

Here are some more DIY tips for those of you who want your homes to sparkle bright this Diwali:

1. Don't throw away empty wine bottles. Or beer bottles (whichever is your poison). Put in coils of rice lights in them and display them on coffee tables or corner tables. Switch off all bright lights and see your room glow from the muted lights coming from the pretty bottles!
2. Have rotten fruits in the refrigerator? Scoop out the stale pulp from inside such oranges or melons and keep the skin intact with a hole on top. Pour hot wax into these fruit skins and insert a wick in the middle. Your fruity candles are ready for use! (Thanks for the idea, Parama Ghosh)
3. Put lots of fresh flowers (specially fragrant ones like tuberose, rose, jasmine etc.) in cane/wicker baskets. Nestle small light bulbs amongst the flora and take the cord out of the back of the basket through the gaps in the weaving. Arrange these on a centre table or on top of cabinets and charm your guests with the soft glow of lights accompanied by the sweet fragrance of the flowers!

These are just a few ideas to get you started!
Do share your experiments and final décor projects with me!! 

Moving on, here's how I went Indian on the last day of the Durga Puja celebrations.
Festivals always bring out the traditional women in us, Indians, and this is the time of the year when we love to dress up in all our ethnic finery!
And as I always say, when in doubt, drape a sari. This goes for Diwali dressing too. :D

[Grey/gold cotton silk handloom sari: Nalli Silks, Chennai | Floral tassar silk blouse: Howrah Bridge | Yellow envelope clutch: borrowed from mom | Braided layers fabric neckpiece: Howrah Bridge | Pearl & enamel earrings: gifted | On my lips: Peach Crush by Colorbar]

Pictures courtesy: Debiparna Chakraborty

When it comes to saris, I either veer towards the quirky or go for traditional weaves in solid colors/stripes/checks. 
This sari was love at first sight and even though it came with a blouse piece in the same color, I knew I would be draping it with a contrast blouse, preferably printed. And I loved the final ensemble, even if I say so myself. What do you all think? 

In fact, I love it so much that I might just wear this outfit (albeit with different accessories) for one of the Diwali parties!
Also, I have entered this for a Diwali Fashion Contest being held by CupoNation. Vote for me, pretty please??? I swear I'll send you loads of love if I win! (I love you all even if I don't win, but still...just saying! Help me win?)

Anupriya DG


  1. You looked jhakaash that day...repeating outfits is good toh!
    and I love that 2nd tip about fruity candles..have to remember to try it.

  2. You look so beautiful, I absolutely love this traditional look with a thoroughly contemporary twist, gorgeous! xxx

  3. First time I am seeing somebody wearing a silk sari with a printed contrast blouse and you look good.. May be I will try it sometime ... :)

  4. oomph for that blouse , n love for the sari ! U look so gorgeous n ur deadly smile would kill many men, I tell you.
    love, N Happy Diwali precious :)

  5. You have got a very good dressing sense. Even in Saree you are looking very fashionable.

  6. Oh Anu, I just know how much you love this time of year and I never miss stopping by your blog to see what you've worn for Durga Puja because your outfits are always fantastic - and this one is no exception! I have to say, I've never seen a sari in this colour before and I absolutely love it, it seems like one that I would love to wear myself if I ever had the chance. You look absolutely radiant! Happy Diwali! (Albeit it a bit late.)


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