Flower of Life {Street Style}

There has been a tragedy in the family and am still trying to recuperate from that.

Meanwhile, here's the very first Street Style post on the blog!

I'm thinking of making this a regular feature (seeing as how I can't avoid ogling at, and sometimes complimenting, well-dressed women on the roads)........let me know if you guys would like to see more such posts!

I came across Vaishali Pradhan on the NIFT (that's National Institute of Fashion Technology for the layman) campus one sunny afternoon, photographing another girl for one of her school projects.

Vaishali is a second year student of Fashion Communication at NIFT and the first thing she said on spotting me was that she loved ze blog and was an ardent follower!!! :D
I basked in the glory of my fifteen seconds of fame when she added that one of her current (and my ex) professors had actually recommended my blog to the entire class as reference! #cantstopsmiling

Well, these super-cool pair of Creepers was what made me rush to Vaishali in the first place.
Of course, I just had to know where she had got them from!!!

As it turned out, she had picked these awesome-sauce shoes from her home-town, Darjeeling.
And she has promised to give me an insider's list of all the must-shop-from places whenever I plan to visit the hill-station next! 

Apart from her cute top, the trendy midi-length monochrome skirt, those ah-mazing creepers and the messy hairdo, the tattoo on Vaishali's left hand was what added interest to her character.
On asking what it meant, she eagerly replied that it symbolises the Flower of Life.

Anupriya DG