Insta-Wednesday {November 2014}

So, I'm finally back...after the first ever surgery of my life and around 10-odd fidgety days of bed rest...

No, the idea that 4-5 strange men actually cut open and peeked into my body (while I was passed out and had no way of knowing whether it was only my tummy that they took the liberty to look at) still does not appeal to me. 
Nor does hospital food. Or the sight of freshly unsealed syringes, for that matter.

I won't label the whole experience as bad or traumatic or even revolting.
It was one-of-a-kind, for the lack of a better word.

I  fought, and won, the fearful battle with injections and IVs from my new domain on the hospital bed and gave mom my bravest smile when they rolled my gurney into the OT. 
Once inside, I didn't know what to expect. 
I was not scared. No, not for one moment did I feel scared. (Yeah, I surprised myself too!)
But I was apprehensive. And when the anaesthetist pushed the drug into my IV, I remember telling them that it hurt as it flowed through my unsuspecting veins. I remember wondering whether it was supposed to pain? I remember being concerned whether it was the normal reaction or whether my body was being tricky. That's the last thing I remember.

When sense slowly started creeping back into my numb mind, I felt helpless. 
Yes, that was the first feeling I had. Along with the feeling that someone was extracting a hundred daggers that had been lodged into my abdomen. Immediately afterwards came the thirst. A soul-sucking, throat-burning thirst. My whole body seemed to cry out for a drop of water. But it got none.
I think (and I still am not sure, I still think) I was mumbling "Pain! Water!" all the way from the OT into the Recovery Room. And in that order.
When mom & dad rushed in to see me in the Recovery Room (where I was kept for around half an hour under observation, after the surgery), I told them those exact two words, each. I remember my mom's soothing voice as she said, "Just hold on for a few more minutes dear. It'll be fine soon"

By the time they wheeled me back to my bed, I was almost fully awake. 
Still in pain and still craving for a drop of water.
And having lost a whole organ of my body to the surgeon's scalpel. 
Dear Gall Bladder, your neighbor's will always miss you. You should never have given refuge to that darn stone in the first place! 

Sorry for the morbid sickness story...but this experience has been so impactful ( in so many ways) that right from the hospital bed I knew I needed to share it here!

And as a token of appreciation for hearing me out, I leave you with snippets from the Instagram feed! This is what I have been upto this month, when away from the doctors, that is!!! :)

Got meself a new Kindle reader!!! :D

Caught up with my three blogger besties after ages!
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FINALLY met the blogger girl from across the seven seas - the fun & fabulous Tanvi!!!

Guess who just treated herself to a new wallet? ;)

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Can't sit up for a long while at a stretch yet. Must give my aching tummy muscles (and specially the naturally-healing-incisions) some rest...sigh!

Too many friends getting married in the next two weeks - there's not a day in my diary which is not marked for an invitation! 
All my lovely ladies bidding goodbye to their carefree bachelor lives - should I start to get stressed already?

Anupriya DG