Pearl It Like Chanel {Durga Puja Style Diary III}

By Anupriya DG - November 10, 2014

Yesterday, I achieved an almost five-years-old wish of meeting the fun & oh-so-fabulous Tanvi of! We hugged, we chatted, we laughed and it really didn't feel like we had met for the first time. Thus is the beauty of friendships that have bloomed on the blogosphere. And once again, I'm ever so glad of the day that I decided to start this blog.
And thanks to Tanvi, I also made a new friend - Saumya from Myriad Musings - another stylish diva to keep a track of on the fashion-o-metre!!
Yeah, Saturday evening was good to me. :)

Here's yet another outfit from the festivities of last month.
This floral maxi is one of the favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now........and I have worn it quite a few times in the past two months.
And of course, the star of the post is the Chanel-inspired pearl necklace that I have thrifted from one of our local markets. It's surprising how fast fashion is copied nowadays - knock-offs seem to be out in the market almost at the same time as the originals!

 [Floral maxi dress: Vero Moda | Pearl necklace/ sling bag: BK Market, Kolkata | Earrings: Forever21 | Watch: Anne Klein | Bracelets: Accessorize; Guess | Ring: Aquamarine]

In other news, am going for a small surgery in the coming week. Am scared, to say the least. Wish me luck?

Anupriya DG

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  1. u look amazing!!!!!

  2. Love your style and you look stunning! Praying for a fast and smooth recovery on your small surgery.

  3. You look pweettyy! I already told you how much I love the maxi. It's floral!!!

    But I'm going to cry now. You met ME on Sunday too :(

  4. Oh Anu, you are looking just gorgeous as ever - it must be the joy of a blogger meeting that gave you the beautiful glow! What I wouldn't have given to be there with both of you, it must have been a wonderful time. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery!


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