Started On The List Yet?

December is here. There's more than just a 'nip' in the air. The thought of a steaming mug of hot cocoa appeals to you more than ever before. The smell of oranges is pervading the near-perfect, lazy winter afternoons (it would have been perfect if said afternoons could be spent basking in the weak sunshine with a book in hand. But, being your own boss means not even having the luxury of taking an off from work unless it's an emergency! *sigh*). Your calendar is getting filled with weddings, concerts, fairs and what-not, all of which you are eagerly looking forward to. 
And then, there's the excitement of welcoming yet another new year into the timeline of your life.

Whenever something draws to an end - be it the year, an event, or even a book - we start getting nostalgic and try to soak up the experiences of the whole thing in a rush, so as not to miss out on any of it before it ends. 
Thinking of the moments gone by, reminiscing, laughing at the good times, fondling the happy memories, remembering to learn from the mistakes made....these last few days are spent in a heady high, slowly letting go of one year and seamlessly moving on to the next.

2014 gave me many a memorable moment. Good times, great memories - I'll always look upon this year with a heart-warming fondness and a happy smile on my face.
Here's why:
  • The year started with a trip to Delhi with friends. I delved into a world of fantasy & beauty at the India Art Fair and met some of the loveliest people in the city (thanks to the blogosphere). Needless to say, I came back a richer soul.
  • The middle of the year gave me a pleasant surprise in the form of THE wedding date! There couldn't be a better reason to wait for 2015 to come!! ;)
  • I took a bachelorette trip to the hills with two of my bestest blogger buddies (though sometimes we forget that we met through our blogs, it feels like we've known each other since forever) and those few days spent in Gangtok has to be one of the best times of my life. Ever.
    All my future travel companions (including my fiancé) has serious competition from these girls, I tell you!
  • The big, fat Indian wedding season saw two of my bestest childhood friends tying the knot. It was two weeks of insane fun and gala reunions with other school pals, thanks to the occasions!
    It was almost surreal to think of those kindergarten days of friendship and seeing those same faces in the form of radiant brides stepping into a happy, new phase of their lives. Who said Light travels fastest? I think it's Time.
  • And as I write this post, I'm thinking of the same time tomorrow when I'll be on my way to the hills once again (keep watching this space if you want to know where I'm headed to now!)........yes, I'm taking my last trip of the year and I'm excited, to say the least!
    Can't wait to breathe out fogs while enjoying a hot cuppa seated in the window seat of a quaint cafe in the hills!!! 

I leave you with pictures from my Gangtok trip with the girls. From one hill station to another. :)

Of snoods, sweatshirts & sunnies! :)

Tsangu Lake from the top

While playing tourist, you need to pay heed to such signs...

Sunshine & prayers

Yaks at Tsangu Lake

Enjoying the chill with Soumi

Tourist-y clicks with Debi

Authentic Sikkimese lunch of Chicken Shyaphale

A hot cup of Caramel Chocolate Latte at Baker's Cafe - one of my favorite hillside cafes ever!

If you want to know where I'll be chilling (literally) for the next few days, follow me on Instagram - @anupriyadg :)

By the way, have you started making that list of New Year's Resolutions yet???

Anupriya DG