Royal Experience At Magnum Masterclass

Hello from this newly-married-and-loving-it blogger who's really sorry to have been MIA (missing in action, silly!) for the past one month! 
I know you'll forgive and forget once I share you all the exciting wedding pictures, but before that I have something even more exciting for you all!!!

Who doesn't love ice-cream? And that too when it is made with Belgian chocolate???
Drooling already? Maybe reaching out for a bar of Magnum from your secret stash in the refrigerator?
Well, till now, for us, Kolkata ice-cream lovers, Magnum has been a thing of lustful dreams........something that we saw in our NRI friends' Facebook pictures or fantasised of tasting one day...

Last Saturday, Kolkata finally witnessed the launch of the much-awaited Magnum ice-cream that will be available at all major F&B outlets from March 1 onwards!!! :)
We got our first royal taste of the iconic ice-cream at the Magnum Masterclass held by Masterchef Kunal Kapur and hosted by the lovely actress Soha Ali Khan. 

From enriching our knowledge about the varieties and characteristics of Belgian Chocolate to making us taste our very first Magnum to feel the experience of that distinctive 'crack' as we bit into the magical deliciousness, Masterchef Kunal Kapur engaged the audience with his effortless charm and inspiring persona.

As I tried to save myself from getting lost in the sinful yumminess of a Chocolate Truffle Magnum, the chef and Soha rustled up some sweet concoctions using the ice-cream. He gave a fun twist to the traditional Bengali crepe dessert, Patishapta, by filling the crepe with Magnum, nuts, berries etc. instead of the age-old coconut, jaggery and kheer fillings.
The result, needless to say, was as amazing to taste as it was to look at! <3

Soon it was our turn to try our hands at experimental desserts using Magnum and a few other ingredients that we were provided with.
Our group ended up making a vibrant concoction of layered ice-cream, flavoured with chocolate chips, candies, jellies and sprinkles. Madly Magnum (that's what we named our creation) was fun to make, fun to look at and fun to eat too!!! ^_^

Soha Ali Khan is a self-confessed Magnum lover and it showed every bit as she posed pretty for pictures with her favourite dessert!
I should have asked her how she indulges in all that ice-cream and still flaunts such a figure! Some people are just blessed, I guess! *sigh*

Apart from the happiness in the knowledge that we can get this royal treatment any time we want to, from 1st March onwards......and a whole lot of fun memories........I also brought home these two sweet surprises - a Magnum-shaped pen drive and a jar full of yummy goodiness!!! :D

Magnum has already launched in other cities in the country and Kolkata is joining the ranks soon enough! You can pick from three delicious flavors - Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle. So guys, go out, grab a bar and indulge in the royal experience!!!

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Photos courtesy: Debiparna Chakraborty & Anupriya DG

I have a whole lot of awesomeness planned for you guys! Stay tuned....and stay stylish!!!

Anupriya DG