Time to make that bucket list...

I have been thinking for the last few days.
Thinking. Maybe procrastinating. Same thing almost. At least in my mind.

Anyway, so I was thinking about Life. How I have almost spent almost one-third of it already and yet can't think of anything spectacular that I have done.
I mean, maybe I have done a few things my parents could be proud of. Or maybe I have even done a few things that made my own heart glow with joy. But things that would make me feel like I have achieved something in Life? Not that many.
I was thinking about how there is so much to do still. So many wishes to fulfill. So many dreams to make true. So much of Life left to live.

So, I think the time has come to make a bucket list. The bucket list of dreams I want to fulfill in this lifetime. Small dreams. Big dreams. Sane dreams. Crazy dreams. Weird dreams. Difficult dreams. Funny dreams. Clichéd dreams.
It's time to make the bucket list of my dreams


I took time out from said procrastination to take these outfit pictures - my first ones post marriage.

Now that I have (more or less) settled down into the new life and new routine, I can go back to dressing up for myself. And taking pictures for you all!! Yeah, my life is (almost) #backtonormal! :)

[Military-inspired top: Sepia | Denims: Jealous 21 | Animal print scarf: Howrah Bridge | Bag: Sneha Arora | Wayfarers: Idee | Watch: c/o Dresslily.com | Platform sliders: Westside | On my nails:Bloody Mary by Colorbar | On my lips: Peach Crush by Colorbar]

Pics courtesy: Debiparna

This pair of sliders is my new found love! I have almost been living in them and you guys must be prepared to see a whole lot of these beauties in the coming summer months! <3

P.S.: For those of you (non-Indians) wondering what that streak of red is in the middle of my hairline.........this dash of vermilion is a symbol of Hindu married women. This bit of red on the forehead warns straying male eyes that this lady is taken! 

I'm so happy to put up this outfit post almost after three months! Life is good!!
And now, back to making that bucket list! ;)

Anupriya DG


  1. Need to plunge into that bucket of mine as well. Need a partner for the crazy things? I am all here. I simply love how this ootd pictures came out. And this outfit is jhinchak 😁

  2. Fab outfit and gorgeous sandals! You look so happy! x

  3. Woohoo, post marriage posts! And you are going to share them with us right? I really like the way you added the scarf and so chic looking.

  4. Looking lovely post marriage... and red vermillion suits you awesomely!!


  5. lovely post :) Happy Easter, have a nice day :)


  6. This is one of your most toned down outfits ever! I love how you are becoming more about small details like the collar and the sliders than screaming out loud neon! It demands intelligence and attention as far as the audience is concerned. Come to Mumbai already, will you? I miss you so much! :-(

  7. I hope you get to accomplish all your bucket list dreams :) Love all the little details in this look as well as the pattern mixing.


  8. Oohhhh nice..loved the sliders so comfy..!! :)

  9. I am loving your platforms! So cool! You have inspired me to make my own bucket list Anu...

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  10. Yaaay! An outfit post finally! Love the pictures. I want someone to take pretty pictures of me toooo! Also once you're done making your bucket list, pass it on. May be it'll help me make mine!

  11. Erm, "...yet can't think of anything spectacular that I have done…" My first thought here is of course - your business/your career/your designs - seems pretty spectacular to me!
    Lovely carefree look here.


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