Can't Wait For The Next Time!

It’s hardly been one month that I am back from my honeymoon (to Thailand) and here I am, pining for some travel plans yet again!
The idea of seeing new places and journeying to exciting lands always held a magical appeal for me since I can remember. But the travel bug has sunk its teeth in real hard only in the last six years or so of my existence.
So much so that, not only the adventure of exploring new territory, but even the fun of revisiting familiar places excites the traveloholic in me!
I have been having midnight cravings of let’s-book-tickets or let’s-look-up-hotels and hence, I have been contributing highly to the increase in the number of page views of the travel websites.
My husband, of course, thinks am crazy and turns a deaf ear to my wanderlust-y pleas.

So, to satiate this incessant thirst for new vacations, I thought of sharing a holiday outfit post from my last trip. :)

[Maxi dress: 109F | Sling bag: Borrowed from sister | Pearl chocker: BK Market, Kolkata | Earrings: Accessorize | Watch: Tommy Hilfiger | Polka dot wedges: Platinum Mall, Bangkok]

Of course, maxi dresses are a must-pack item while going on a summer holiday. And the one I had taken along with me proved perfect for a day-long shopping spree in Bangkok!

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I am surely gonna check out the Spicejet coupons at CupoNation while booking for my next holiday! What about you?



  1. Wow, you look great. This maxi dress is really pretty. This post gave me a whole new idea about maxi dresses.

  2. I'm wearing maxis every weekend, literally every weekend! This maxi is very pretty. And them wedges! <3 <3 <3
    And our Goa plan is very much on the board, either after Pujo or in January(my leaves!!!!! bhNYah... :-( you know the drift.).

  3. OMG...I lovethis chic.
    As far as travelling n planning to travel goes...I m just the same. So u go girl...!


  4. such a pretty outfit. love the color pop that bag ads

  5. Honeymoon in Thailand, now that sounds heavenly. No wonder you look especially beautiful in this maxi dress.

  6. I went to bangkok for aweek and cant wait to go back!!!!

    looking lovely!! Im liking the lipcolor you have put on..totally perfect!!!

  7. Such prettiness! Loving the new blog design Anu!

  8. This outfit Looking good on you..To Know More Details Click here


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