Travel in Style!

Heya fellas!!
I'm back from a luuuurrrvvvveeelllyyyy holiday!
Happy & high.
Relaxed & refreshed.
Tanned & sunburnt.

I had a lovely time, which, those of you who follow me on Instagram, already know! :)
I plan to do outfit posts as well as a travel post with pictures from the holiday. Stay tuned to know about my amazing experiences in Thailand!

For starters, I thought of sharing my one of my travel outfits with you all.
Comfort is always of highest priority while choosing travel outfits. But for me, style comes a close second. After all, airports are one of the most diversely stylish places, right?

[ Sweatpants: | Top: c/o Kazo | Aztec print shrug: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai | Canvas backpack: c/o | Watch: Giordano, gifted | Platform sliders: Westside ]

My new pair of sweatpants has gone on to become my favorite piece of travel clothing. They are comfortable and if styled well, does not need to be confined to the gym. My new backpack from Limeroad was the perfect travel bag I could ever choose - it's spacious, stylish & easy on the shoulders. And of course, flights can be a li'l chilly, hence the layers are a necessity!

Stay tuned for lots of travel posts coming up soon! :)

How did you all spend Labour Day? I just lazed at home, blogged and am now looking forward to my best friend's first anniversary party in the evening!!! #tgif

Anupriya DG


  1. I labored away at my work desk on Labor Day!!

    Im liking your comfy style....the shrug is really nice......

    yeah flights can get chilly and I ahve had some bad instances....of chill on flights so learnt the hard way!!

  2. How stylish you are! Love the way you styled your comfy sweatpants for your travels. Yes, comfy is the key for me too and yet chic:). Vegged around all day at home and made hummus for my Labor day. Cheers!

  3. Do you ever not look radiant and ready for anything?! great combination of colours for relaxed but stylish travel.

  4. What a gorgeous travel outfit. I always get cold on planes, too. xxx

  5. This is totally a favourite. And "confined to the gym"? Has your sweatpants seen the light of gym at all? You use them for every purpose other than the original one. :-(

  6. I love that bright green shrug...i want more stuff about Thailand...eitukuni likhle cholbe na

  7. Shrugs always work coz you never know when would you start feeling a little bit cold while travelling. Love your outfit. And of course I have to buy those Westside sandals.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  8. Totally loving your chic style. Your flats are lovely.



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