Closet Sale Saturday: Edition I

Hola everyone!

I am here with the very first edition of Closet Sale Saturdays and needless to say, I'm super-duper-excited!!! :D

Here's a chance for all of you; who have been admiring my colorful, quirky, whimsical & chic wardrobe over all these years; to get your hands on some of the carefully-curated gems that I want to pass on - not because they are the worse for wear (in fact they are all in good, wearable condition, albeit showing signs of age, but absolutely perfect otherwise); but because now I want to make space for new beauties and I feel that I have given these pieces enough love to last a lifetime! They are now free to go jazz up someone else's wardrobe and get some more love as they deserve! 

I'm starting the series with a few pretty baubles that'll spruce up any outfit in a jiffy!
These necklaces are trendy & versatile, and my heart aches to let them go....but really, my husband has threatened to not buy me another one if & when my jewellery closet explodes (or overflows or the doors refuse to close), hence this closet cleanse!

Hope you guys show these beauties from my wardrobe as much love as I have been showering them with since I brought them home from the stores. 
Waiting to see them on some other blogs soon! Happy shopping!!! :)

Item name: Green Tribal Jazz necklace
Condition: Almost brand new, worn 2-3 times only
Sale price: 350/-

Item name: Monochrome Magic necklace
Condition: Worn 6-7 times, the chain a li'l bit discolored at the back
Sale price: 250/-

Item name: Royal Blue Band of Beads necklace
Condition: Worn 4-5 times; the golden beads/chain have turned a bit dark due to prolonged exposure to air, giving it a more antique look
Sale price: 150/-

Now, the rules:
  • All items are used/second-hand - please understand this before buying as I don't want any complaints later.
  • The items will go on first come first serve basis. Whoever books it first by making payment will be sent the item.
  • The items are exactly as shown in the pictures and are not defective/damaged in any way. Hence, no such claims will be entertained later.
  • Flat shipping price of 100/- applies to anywhere within India.
  • For any queries/booking kindly e-mail me at

Can't wait to see which of you scores these treasures of mine!

Be back soon! :)