Clay Play - I

There are many things that I owe to Instagram - coming across new bloggers, making new friends, honing my eye to see a picture composition in the randomest of things, staying updated about my favorite brands/websites and last, but not the least, finding out about a whole bunch of super-talented creative souls who take the word "handmade" to a whole new level!
Over the past few months, I have been fortunate to connect with numerous wonderful designers and makers who are extremely passionate about their crafts - ranging from calligraphy & lettering to jewellery making & scrapbooking - and who have inspired me hugely with their talent, skill and awesomeness!!!

One such talented girl is Kelly who makes beautiful and dainty clay jewellery under her brand Clay n Wire. Kelly handmakes an entire range of elegant necklaces, pretty earrings and lovely bracelets - all using clay, paint and metal fittings. She moulds the clay into interesting geometric shapes and forms which makes her products all the more charming. What I love about her jewellery is the fact that she uses amazingly pretty colors and combinations - her signature style being the use of classy gold accents to highlight sorbet-y pastel hues. 

No wonder, I was super-excited when we decided on a collaboration. Kelly was gracious enough to send across a dainty necklace and a pair of pretty earrings.
Of course, each piece was such a thing of beauty that they demanded to be styled differently in two different outfits. 
Here's the first outfit, featuring my precious Clay n Wire  asymmetric tube necklace.

The earrings will follow soon!

[Striped top: Howrah Bridge | Mint denims: BK Market, Kolkata | Clay necklace: c/o ClayNWire | Satchel: Bangkok | Mint watch: Bangkok | Floral canvas shoes: Westside | On my nails: Bloody Mary, Colorbar | On my lips: Tempted, Colorbar]

Tempted much? Go check out the Clay n Wire Etsy shop today!
Also, don't forget to follow Clay n Wire on Instagram - @claynwire
Stay tuned to see the lovely earrings that I'll be styling on the blog soon!!!

Till next time!