New City & Old Skirt

This year is going on to become nothing short of a milestone in my humble existence of a life.

The year started with me becoming a Mrs. from a Miss - which is a brand new phase of life for any individual, specially the better half.

And as if that wasn't enough of a responsibility to handle, now God has presented us with the new task of setting up home in a new city.
Yes, you heard that right!
I'm not going to be (only) a Kolkata blogger any more! Now I can call myself a Bangalore blogger too!!! :)

The man got promoted to a bigger position in beautiful ol' Bangalore and last Sunday saw us lugging bag and baggage across the 1900-odd kms from Kolkata to Bengaluru (we didn't literally traverse all those miles, but flew down. But you get my point, right?)
Right now I'm spending my days looking up house rental websites and calling up agents/brokers but getting a new place to stay is proving to me more difficult that I imagined. 

Hence, I finally closed down yet another real estate portal and opened my blog to pen down my first post from this new city that I will be calling home now!
Also, I was excited to share my outfit from last night with you guys. It was my first fun evening out in this town, that too with all my favorite blogger pals! We ate, drank (iced-teas), gossiped and enjoyed thoroughly, while the city's chic eating joints and the beautiful breezy weather lulled me into a zone of utter happiness....

Yes, I'm going to make some yummy lemonade out of this lemon Life has thrown me on a whim! ;)

[White shirt: c/o Elle Fashionwear | Skirt: Latin Quarters | Oversized clutch: c/o Miss Chase | Link chain necklace: Platinum Mall, Bangkok | White watch: Giordano, gifted | Suede loafers: Westside]

I am wearing this skirt on the blog for the first time. In fact, I think this is the third time I'm wearing this piece in all the 5 years it has been lying in my wardrobe. 
I had tried incorporating it in outfits quite a few times, but somehow never got around to styling it the right way. Now I think I know how to wear it and you guys might just see a bit more of it in the times to come! :)
Also, breaking the monochrome look with my new red suede loafers which I think went perfectly with my new red link chain necklace!!! (I wish I had not contemplated so much and had got these link necklaces in all the colours that were available!) And so as not to overdo the red, I added the pink oversized clutch with its cute tasseled puller. 
Pardon the hastily taken phone pictures, but I thought I just needed to do this outfit post to go with my exciting new announcement!!!

And here's the gang of girls I went out with last night! All of them are fab bloggers and you must check out their blogs if you don't follow them already! 
[L to R: Krithi, Sayantani, me, Sushmita]

Though I would be shuttling between Kolkata and Bengaluru a lot for the next few months to come, I'll keep you guys updated about everything I'm loving (or not) in my new city.
That, and new collaborations coming soon on the blog!

Stay tuned!