What's Hip In Food This Summer?

Just like fashion, the food industry nowadays also thrive on trends.
People like to follow what's in and what's out before subjecting their taste buds to the exciting flavours of new dishes and promising textures of new cuisines.

When I found out about FoodPanda's blogger contest (albeit a tad bit late), I was intrigued to participate in it just because of the theme. Foodpanda.in called bloggers to give their take on the trending food for this summer and writing about what's hip not in fashion, but in food, sounded like an exciting alternative to me! :)

 After scrolling through the FoodPanda app for the options of restaurants available that will deliver to my place, I settled upon Chinese - a cuisine that's a classic. A cuisine that never goes out of style. A cuisine that's an instant pick-me-up. A cuisine that's always in trend!
I picked a Chinese restaurant named Chowman and I must say deciding from their vast menu of mouth-watering oriental dishes was as tough as it gets. 

When the steaming hot package of happiness was delivered at my doorstep, the very sight of the food warmed my soul! :)

On a sultry summer evening, nothing can beat the comfort of forkfuls of lightly-tossed hakka noodles or aromatic chicken & egg fried rice.

And of course, they don't call these Drums of "Heaven" for nothing!!! <3

A plateful of yumminess served with a side of Sliced Chicken in Oyester Sauce - tangy, succulent and just the right flavour for the rice.

I always find Oriental cuisine to be light, flavourful and perfect for summer when food with too much oil or too much cheese might not sit well with our digestive systems.
Hence, Chinese gets my vote hands down if you ask me about summer food trends.

And maybe Ice-cream comes a very second close.

What's on your favourite summer menu?
Share your picks with us!