Style Spotting @ Lakme Fashion Week WF 2015

The last week has been crazy hectic, but sartorially fulfilling.

Five days full of madness - rushing around between stalls; trying to land passes to the big shows; hurriedly gulped (designer) cups of coffee; professionally touched-up eyes & lips; mindless posing for pictures here, there, everywhere; envious glances at the well-dressed women all around; lots of hugging & air-kissing; some goodie bags in between; flauntingly sipped glasses of Sangria; clothes, clothes & more clothes; a dose of quirk, a dash of bling; old pals, new friends; and lots & lots of talent...

Yes, I am just back from the media-monopolising, larger-than-life Lakme Fashion Week that was held at the Palladium Hotel from the 26th to the 30th of August 2015. And as always, it has been a whirlwind of an experience!

To see hundreds of people running, dashing, strategising, collaborating, discussing, swearing, rushing, gushing - all in the name of fashion!
If you detach yourself from the crowd for just one moment, try to see the whole thing as someone who's not a participant; then it almost feels surreal....

Needless to say, I have got tonnes of pictures for you all from the fashion week and I'll be putting up posts about the fashion shows I loved, the designers to watch out for and the trends to follow this season.
But, I'm starting the fashion week series with the street style pictures - I had great fun people-watching these 5 days and even greater fun going up to some of them to ask for permission to photograph them. So, compiling this post has been a fun experience from start to end and I'm super-excited to bring some of the coolest people from the event to you guys - style spotting off-the-ramp and how!

Ria Ana Sejpal
Co-owner, The Anarae Store
Boho-chic just got an upgrade with Ria's cool accessories and beautiful colour combination of emerald and cobalt. I've seldom seen someone rock a maang-tika and a hat at the same time with such elan!

Justine Rae Mellocastro
Co-owner, The Anarae Store
A girl who describes her own style as minimalist and normcore, Justine caught my eye with her uber-cool hairdo and ear-cuff. This girl sure knows how to do punk in her own chilled-out way!

Al Claudius
Blogger, BowtiesandBones
Print mixing - check. Rocking the shorts - check. Coloured hair and beard - check. Sporty shoes - check. Al sure knows how to blend in all the happening trends into one stylish outfit. Specially loving the pop of colour on the rolled-up sleeves of that monochrome blazer!

Moomal Mehta
Deputy Director, Asia Society
Moomal oozed so much grace and beauty as she sashayed down in her maxi skirt, that I couldn't help but ask her for a picture. Her tall posture, elegant demeanour, clean look and effortless style just gave 'sexy' a whole new meaning!

Prarthana Singh
Who knew a woman who's skilled behind the camera, can look so stunning in front of it too? Prarthana nailed a perfect monochrome look that's easy, comfortable and minimalist, but creates maximum impact!

Sabina Manekya
Owner, Sabina (bespoke clothing store)
Right from the moment we both stepped out of the (very spectacular) Gaurag Shah show, I stalked her till I got this picture. Sabina painted a picture of ethereal elegance in her pristine white separates, paired with a vibrant Gaurang dupatta. Those chunky earrings, that big red bindi and the flowers in the hair just bring out her classic beauty in a way that left me mesmerized. #girlcrush

Divya Niranjan
Co-founder, Blueprint Coleccion
This girl is as sweet as she's talented and after much persuasion, she agreed to pose for a picture. Wearing one of her own designs, Divya just cinches the deal with that samurai-esque belt around the waist!

Yosuke Masco
Global Business Development Manager (India), WEAR
All-whites on guys always tend to remind us of Jitendra, but Yosuke pulls off the laidback look effortlessly, thanks to those suspenders and shoes. Of course, the shot of red that comes from the wine in his glass helps too!

Layering seemed to be the flavour of the season at LFW, and Garvika does it just right. she works with the monochrome color palette in an interesting way and of course, I can't take my eyes off those shoes!!!

Srishti Nadhani
Blogger, StoreUntold
A self-confessed lover of quirk, Srishti mixes and matches like there's no tomorrow! The clashes of colours and prints on her absolutely make sure she turns heads and she did!

There were, of course, scores of other men and women whose sartorial sensibilities caught my eye.....but situations were such that I couldn't fulfill my desire of documenting their styles for this blog.

I'll be back with more fashion week posts in the coming days.
Stay tuned! :)

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