Label alert: Suede by Devina Juneja

In case I have not made it clear to you guys till now, this post is yet another proof of how many talented designers and labels my home city, Kolkata, has to offer for the fashion-conscious generation of today!

When I was invited to a preview of Devina Juneja's latest collection of bags, I was not prepared for what met my eyes at her studio. Being someone who prides herself on knowing almost the majority of the design community of the city, I was totally taken aback by the fact that I was unaware of such a talented designer who churns out range after range of handcrafted leather goods that are luxurious, stylish & one-of-a-kind.

Suede by Devina Juneja turns out to be a brand that boasts of beautiful handbags (and also a few other accessories) designed by a talented woman & handcrafted by skilled artisans in pure leather. Devina's forte lies in the different textures she imparts to her designs - be it ruching, weaving, pleating or even stone-washing. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and uses creative techniques to create beautiful textures and classy designs.
A Suede bag is chic, classy, versatile & affordable too! What more can a woman want?

Suede's famous 'Brick In The Wall' clutches with a couple of their statement neckpieces

Some pieces from Suede's ombre collection

A tie-dye leather clutch from Suede

Devina Juneja shows off a gorgeous Mixed Weave Satchel

What I wore to the event that day :)

The girl gang - me & bloggers Nikita & Pooja with our Suede goodie bags!!!

If you are looking to invest in a gorgeous pure leather handbag, I totally recommend you go for a Suede piece!
Check out their Facebook page for latest updates or shop from the Suede website directly.

Have a lovely week ahead, fellas!