Strong, Bold & Independent {Style Prism x The Jade Tree}

There was a time, when women used to be synonymous with delicacy, fragility, vulnerability and such.
But not any more. 
Today's women stand for all things strong, dependable, independent, confident and bold. 
Albeit, there still are the less privileged ones who have been unable to overcome the social stigma and the "quintessential" place of women in a man's world. But, a vast majority of us enjoy a lifestyle that's modern, confident and independent. 

There has always been this ongoing debate about Feminism and the meaning of the word. Some live in the delusion that taking the male sex down is what feminism is all about. But that's not really it.
Feminism is just another term for Equality. Equality of both sexes. We don't want to make the men feel inferior. We just want to make them realise that we are not inferior either. We all are actually equal.

For me, fashion is a way of representing my strength, my confidence and my bold attitude. The clothes I wear and how I wear them, irrespective of people's reaction (at times) shows that I am an independent woman, who follows her own mind and not the dictates of a still-patriarchal society. 

So, I'm always on the lookout for clothes and accessories that have a bold appeal. Fashion that makes a statement and gets you noticed when you step out. 
TheJadeTree is one such brand that churns out bold, statement accessories for the head-strong, independent women of today. Kolkata-based designer Neha Sharma may have graduated in English from Delhi Universtity, but her passion lay in the creative field which led her to do a professional course in jewellery designing and manufacturing from the Indian Institute of Gem & Jewellery and post grads in Decorative Arts from Nottingham. She set up TheJadeTree in 2010 and there has been no looking back since then! 
TheJadeTree is a couture art-jewellery house that specialises in opulent, statement pieces with high-fashion appeal. Neha draws inspiration from the nuances of contemporary life & culture and she uses softer & sustainable materials to create stunning, one-of-a-kind jewellery. Embroidered necklaces are this brand's USP and all the gorgeous creations are handmade by local craftsmen. Unique stones, crystals, acrylic, wood, metal trims and beads, along with rich fabrics, blend together to create TheJadeTree pieces that nothing less than art. 

Neha's jewellery have been made for turning heads at gala events - from red carpet dos to the most happening parties to high-profile formal events. But, I chose to style her pieces with a street-chic casual look, thus bringing out the versatility of the products. The rock-chic appeal of the pieces I chose worked beautifully with the 90s grungy vibe of my layered outfit, making them blend in with a daytime look, while making me stand out!

For the shoot, I chose places that are the epitome of strength, if you ask me - one such place is the Calcutta High Court (which was, of course, deserted at 7am on a Sunday morning). The old, British architecture, the magnificent structure, the ornate columns, the resplendent archways; all represent strength & power like nothing else!

A memorialised war tank up in the middle of the army cantonment area seemed like another perfect representation of fearlessness, aggression and bold strength. A mere pose in front of this gigantic machine made me feel imbibed with power and energy!

Look at the melange of interesting elements that make up this TheJadeTree piece - stones, beads, crystals, spikes all nestled up harmoniously on a raw silk base.

[Necklace & cuff: c/o TheJadeTree | Plaid shirt: borrowed from sis | Grey jersey dress: Forever 21 | Printed leggings: 109F | Scribbles printed canvas sneakers: | Watch: Kenneth Cole | Silver reflector aviators: Forever 21 | On my nails: Coral Craze, Maybelline NY Color Show | On my lips: Ruby Twilight, Maybelline NY Color Show]

Photography by: Shreya Nagrecha

Aren't these statement pieces total head-turners? I surely turned a few while out shooting on the roads!
What's more, I can totally see myself flaunting these beauties at the year-end parties and winter evening soirees too!!! 

So, go get your art jewellery fix at TheJadeTree!! Their magnificent jewellery will surely make you stand out in the crowd in the upcoming party & wedding season!
Check out their website & Facebook page for new products and updates. You can also follow them on Instagram - @thejadetree

What makes you feel bold and strong? Let me know in the comments!