Healthy Eating @ Cafe Pranah

Living out of two cities is no mean feat, let me tell you.
Nowadays, I feel that I spend more time at airports than at either of my homes in Kolkata or in Bangalore. And of course, I'm just making the airlines richer, in the process. 

This running from one city to the other, changes in schedules, changes in climate, food habits etc. are making my lifestyle go haywire. And I'm really feeling the need to stabilise this life and infuse some doses of health in it. 

After months of deliberation (and a choc-a-block schedule that left me with little time to do anything else), I finally joined Zumba classes in Bangalore, and now I spend an hour every morning dancing away to a fitter lifestyle. 

But working out is not enough - for a healthy life, one needs to eat right too. And that's what reminded me that I had a post on healthy eating lying in the Drafts since a long time and now seemed to be the perfect time for sharing this with you guys.


I had the pleasure of experiencing Cafe Pranah's health food and live cooking session more than a month back. Rahul Arora, the owner of Cafe Pranah & Bon Appetite, plans to start live cooking session of yummy health & soul food on the first Sunday of every month where you can not only indulge in the healthy dishes offered by the cafe, but learn the tricks of the trade too!
Rahul has undergone a weight-loss process by only eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet and he inspires and encourages people to do the same. He believes that healthy food can be yummy too and proves it by churning out dish after dish of finger-licking food that are low on calories and high on health. 

Rahul enthralled us by rustling up a range of sumptuous dishes - Ginger & Pomegranate Iced Tea, Healthy Whole-Wheat Nachos with Hung-Curd instead of Cheese, Egg & Vegetables Ribbon Salad and a Fig & Dates Kulfi - and we indulged in some guilt-free hogging!

The healthy ingredients waiting to be turned into yummy dishes

The yummilicious guilt-free nachos

Rahul rustling up the ribbon salad

The very colorful & crunchy ribbon salad

The absolute guilt-free dessert - fig & date kulfi
If you want to know of more such lip-smacking food that doesn't add on to your pounds, then head over to Cafe Pranah and experience health food like never before!

Here's to a healthier & fitter life! Cheers!!