Love For Layering

As I pack my bags for an exciting holiday that starts tomorrow, I try to multi-task and finish all my pending work as well as figure out if I can leave you guys with a post before flying off.

While browsing through my archives, I chanced upon this outfit I had shot a few months back. We had actually gone to shoot it with my camera, but at the last moment, we found out that the lens wasn't working. :(
So, my friend's iPhone had to come to the rescue. 

Moral of the story: The images might not be as nice as DSLR shots, but this is what I leave you to look through as I go in the search for more pictures for my upcoming posts!!! 
*spoiler alert - exciting travel & outfit posts coming soon*

Now, over to the pictures.

[Black t-shirt dress: Forever 21 | Grey t-shirt dress: Forever 21 | Pleated skirt: Forever New, borrowed | Necklace: gifted | Leather sandals: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai]

Pictures by: Sayantani S

Two dresses of varying lengths layered over a midi skirt has lent a classy, yet fun vibe to this outfit. A pair of chic, boho sandals keep the look casual, while a chunky statement accessory ups the glam quotient of the look! A messy bun hairdo and I think I'm ready to rock a Sunday brunch. Anyone inviting me to one? :)


The land I'm going to is a vibrant Pandora's Box of culture, history, tradition and fun. 
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See you all on the other side of my trip!! 
Let's see how much my hubby ends up pampering me on our first anniversary this weekend! #excited