Love For Layering

As I pack my bags for an exciting holiday that starts tomorrow, I try to multi-task and finish all my pending work as well as figure out if I can leave you guys with a post before flying off.

While browsing through my archives, I chanced upon this outfit I had shot a few months back. We had actually gone to shoot it with my camera, but at the last moment, we found out that the lens wasn't working. :(
So, my friend's iPhone had to come to the rescue. 

Moral of the story: The images might not be as nice as DSLR shots, but this is what I leave you to look through as I go in the search for more pictures for my upcoming posts!!! 
*spoiler alert - exciting travel & outfit posts coming soon*

Now, over to the pictures.

[Black t-shirt dress: Forever 21 | Grey t-shirt dress: Forever 21 | Pleated skirt: Forever New, borrowed | Necklace: gifted | Leather sandals: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai]

Pictures by: Sayantani S

Two dresses of varying lengths layered over a midi skirt has lent a classy, yet fun vibe to this outfit. A pair of chic, boho sandals keep the look casual, while a chunky statement accessory ups the glam quotient of the look! A messy bun hairdo and I think I'm ready to rock a Sunday brunch. Anyone inviting me to one? :)


The land I'm going to is a vibrant Pandora's Box of culture, history, tradition and fun. 
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See you all on the other side of my trip!! 
Let's see how much my hubby ends up pampering me on our first anniversary this weekend! #excited



  1. Happy 1st anniversary! How exciting for you guys and I'm sure you're going to enjoy your holiday. Can't wait to see the pics over at IG. Cheers! Ping

  2. Oh i know i know!!...:) ... but am not going to spoil the fun for other readers!!

  3. Love the outfit n the whole look...very cool indeed.



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