The weekend of Love

With Valentine's Day posts, quotes & pictures flooding my feed on every social media platform; it's hard not to go with the flow and indulge in similar content-making. 

But being wed to the man I love for a little more than a year now has made me realise that everyday is special as far as our love is concerned. Every moment I spend with him is memorable and filled with love, so this year, I somehow don't feel the mandatory need to play the Valentine's game.

Yes, we'll go out for a nice lunch maybe. Or spend the day together doing something fun.
But that can also be due to the fact that it's a Sunday. 

With all bloggers showing us outfit options and styling tips for the perfect V-day look (some of my fellow blogger pals have really put up some great posts.....I enjoy going through their amazing content thoroughly!); I thought of giving you a break from all the reds & pinks and share an outfit I had clicked quite some time back. 
Yes, there's a bit of red in it too.
And since I'm planning to spend the day of Love at a flea market, looking around stall after stall of creative handmade products; I might actually sport this laid-back, casual chic look.

[Printed midi dress: Bangkok | Denim jacket: Commercial Street, Bangalore | Necklace: Platinum Mall, Bangkok | Yellow leather bag: Eske, gifted | Red suede moccasins: Westside]

What are your big, fat, lovers' day celebration plans?
I'm sure many of you are headed out for the weekend! 

We are just gonna spend tomorrow lazing around and watching back to back movies on TV.
And Sunday calls for a sumptuous lunch and relaxed evening, strolling around hand in hand.

Yes, the older you grow, the more laid-back your celebrations become. Even our love is growing older with us...and as they say, old is gold! ;)

Happy Valentine's Day peeps!!!