Mondrian Retro

Lately, I have been feeling chased by memories...

The air feels weighed down by lost laughter & bygone wishes,

The wet earth & its petrichor reeks of the possibility of moments left behind,

I feel forced to take the time machine back to the future...

As they say, change is the only constant thing in fashion, or rather, life.

And history repeats itself. Time & again.

Pushed by memories on sleepless nights, nostalgia on rainy evenings and my wistful love for all things retro; I went back in time and created a story with elements from all my favourite decades.
Sometimes, the value of art lies solely in its true appreciation.
And I have always found immense inspiration in the art & fashion of yester-years. 

So each element of this photo story - from the styling to the colors - comes together to form the retro bubble in which I am currently residing. A bubble filled with the smell of nostalgia, the colors of bygone times and the sounds of my favourite Beatles songs.

Warning: This is a picture-heavy post.
Welcome to my time-machine! Enjoy the ride!

[Kurta/ Belt/ Suede loafers: Westside | Ikat palazzo: Tailored | Star print scarf/ Pin-up bow (worn on hair): Howrah Bridge | Oversized shades: Aldo Accessories | Bag: Tommy Hilfiger | Watch: Giordano | Earrings: Accessorize | On my lips: Flaming Function by Lakme 9 to 5]

Photography by: Harleen Kaur
Location courtesy: The Table Blue

The renowned artist of early 1900s, Piet Mondrian was always one of my favorites and this post is undoubtedly inspired by the colors of his artworks (hence, the name). The retro-fusion twist to the ubiquitous modern-day kurta+palazzo look helped me indulge in my current old-fashioned fancy, while not making me look like I have stepped out of a 70s poster.
And the primary colors held hands, indulged in group hugs & played with each other in a rhythm that cast a nostalgic spell. 

Do you share this insane love for retro of mine? 
Has a piece of art ever inspired your fashion?
Has the smell of nostalgia ever nudged you to take a ride back in time?

Share your retro-love stories with me! I would love to hear them!!

Till next time!