Even warriors deserve a break

"We are the warriors.
At home and at work.
Day in and day out.
We fight for our survival.
We fight societal pressures,
We fight the patriarchy,
We fight gender stereotypes,
We fight judging stares,
We fight gossiping mouths,
We fight windblown comments,
We fight for our rights.
And in between all these flights,
We need some time for ourselves.
Far from the battlegrounds,
Far from the madding crowd.
To laugh, to play,
To laze, to think,
To live, to be..."

Today's women (or in fact, women of all times) are nothing less than warriors who fight for their survival & their rights every day. They fight gender stererotypes at work. They fight the pressure of juggling multiple roles at home. They fight the society's attempts at curbing their dreams. They fight the notion of being objectified. They fight to bend the rules. They fight to jostle ahead. They fight to fly high.

But, in the middle of all this fighting, they also need to catch their breath. They need some time out. They need to rejuvenate. They need a break.

This story was conceived on one such much-needed relaxed afternoon, when I was taking a breather from all the stress of managing my brand, my blog, my content writing work, home duties and family engagements. This look was inspired by tribal warriors - taking inspiration from their layered outfits, piled up jewellery and face art - and toning it down to an outfit that puts a twist to ethnic fusion wear. The story is all about taking a break in between the fights of life, when we don't even have time to shed our warrior garb, but we need some time to ourselves to renew our energy & passion.

So, all you warriors out there, however grave your fights might be, you must allow yourselves some time to relax and rejuvenate, so that you can keep fighting with renewed vigour and make all your dreams come true!

[Navy tunic: Westside | Printed palazzo: Westside | Red/navy tie-dye leggings: Platinum Mall, Bangkok | All jewellery: thrifted | Kolhapuri sandals: Catwalk]

Photography by: Shreya Nagrecha
Location courtesy: The Chaiwala

Make yourself a cup of tea. Catch up on your reading. Pursue your hobbies. Make some music. Create something new. Take a breather. Take a break.
You deserve it.