His or Hers?

Those fighting wars of feminism around the world chant slogans of women's rights & gender equality. Feminism is not so much about proving women to be superior, as it is about the fact that both men & women are equal. Most so-called "feminists" forget this simple fact when they proudly claim that "women are better than men" - why go into the game of good-better-best when we all can be equals? 

Fashion is one of the rare ways of expression that give men and women a chance to be equals, while letting each gender revel in the glow of this symbiotic relationship. The ease of gender fluidity in today's fashion has blurred the lines between stereotypes & conformations, giving fashionable souls the freedom of dressing however they please. Dapper dudes now don't think twice before flaunting pink, while modern women beg, borrow & steal effortlessly from the men's closets.

For the recently held Bangalore Rosé Bloggers meet, arranged by The Digital Rosé, I decided to indulge my feminist self and put together an outfit that is a seamless amalgamation of men's & women's styles, thus championing gender equality (an idea I heartily believe in).
So, my little denim dress got the rough-and-tough company of a camouflage jacket with a 'manly' moustache brooch flaunted as a bow-tie, while the chunky brogues on my happy feet flirted away with a pair of pretty, floral socks! Needless to say, the moustache pin, the camo pattern or the oxfords were looking every bit as perfect on me as they would have looked on a suave man, thus proving, once again, the gender fluidity of fashion.

So, next time someone wants to show or profess their feminist ideals, tell them to start by embracing the genderless beauty of fashion, will you? 

[Denim dress: Max, thrifted | Camouflage jacket: USA | Fringe bag: c/o Lifestyle | Moustache brooch: c/o Designerds | Earrings: Amrapali | Watch: Fossil | Sunglasses: H&M | Socks: Thrifted | Patent brogues: Westside]

Photographs courtesy: Sayantani of Live. Laugh. Dressup/ Shona Sinha

So, what do you think? Will you try breaking gender stereotypes in fashion? Will you dress for gender equality? Will you be a true feminist???