I Am My Own Tribe

I am an ordinary woman.
I am a special girl.
I am a part of the everyday crowd.
I am someone who stands out in a crowd.

I am the first rays of the morning sun.
I am the strong blaze of the noon sun.
I am the red-gold hues of the setting sun.

I am your mug of coffee.
I am your cup of tea.
I am your glass of wine.

I am a mermaid soul.
I am a mountain spirit.
I am a forest force.

I am tame, yet wild.
I am bound, yet free.
I am soft, yet sharp.
I am sane, yet eclectic.
I am here, yet everywhere.

I am my mother's caring heart.
I am my father's perseverance.
I am my sister's free spirit.
I am my friends' laughter.
I am my man's wanderlust.
I am like all my loved ones.
I am unlike any of them.
I am a lone ranger.
I am a groupie.
I am everybody.
I am nobody.
I am somebody.
I am my own tribe.


[Floral kimono shrug: Forever 21 | Grey jersey dress: Forever 21 | Aztec print leggings: Shoppers Stop | Belt: Westside | Scarf (used as turban): Howrah Bridge | Watch: Fossil | Tribal beaded necklace: Sunday Soul Sante, Bangalore | Boots: Hush Puppies]

Photography by: Prospero Productions


This look has been inspired by the African tribal fashion centering around the traditional beaded necklace of the Masai & other African clans, that has been paired with a contemporary belted dress & floral kimono combo, the tribal print leggings balancing the folk-boho vibe. The headscarf and the body art are all part of embracing the African tribal sensibilities in my neo-eclectic way. 

Also, I strongly believe that even in this age of blindly following trends and imitating celebrity fashion, there are a whole bunch of you wonderful women out there who make their own fashion rules and strut their own style. That makes them unique, one-of-a-kind and the perpetrators of their own tribe.

If you think you are one of them and want to show it to the world, do post your pictures on social media with the hashtags #StylePrism and #IAmMyOwnTribe
I would love to connect with other tribes too!! :)