{Chef's Diary} Wafer-Crusted Marshmallow Pops

Those of you who follow my Insta stories must have seen a glimpse of the Valentine treats I was making for the man on this V-day!
The more this day is getting hyped all over, the less I feel like doing the clichéd stuff. So, this year on the 14th, while the husband was away at work, I thought of rustling up some quick and easy treats to surprise him with once he came home. We are not a couple that does the run-of-the-mill chocolates & flowers, I just like to surprise him in little ways and he just likes to spend some quality time with me. And since he had offered to take me out to dinner, at one of our all-time favorite locals joints (coz all fancy places will be brimming with couples), I thought of trying to make him a little something that he might like! :)

The idea of making these Valentine treats came to me suddenly and hence, I had to make do with whatever rations I had available at home, but it turned out to be a hit, so even though V-day is another year away, I thought of sharing the recipe on the blog. Coz these cute little sweet somethings are perfect for other occasions too - be it a kid's birthday party or a slumber party with your BFFs!


Ok...so, first I got out around 10-12 marshmallow cubes and since they were slightly smaller in size than my smallest heart-shaped cookie cutter, I lightly flattened them up with a pestle and then cut out heart shapes from them with a cookie cutter.

Then, I put bamboo skewers into the lower end of the marshmallow hearts so that they can be held by the sticks.
Then I arranged the other ingredients - chocolate sauce in a bowl, and crushed strawberry wafers in another bowl.

Hold the marshmallows by the stick and dip them into the bowl of chocolate sauce. Turn it around in such a way that the marshmallow gets completely coated in chocolate sauce.
Note: I actually wanted to use melted chocolate for this step. But the only chocolate I had was a half-eaten bar of Dairy Milk Silk Oreo which I wanted to devour in its original form. Hence, I substituted with chocolate sauce. You can melt plain chocolate bars in a pan and use that to coat the marshmallows.

Once the marshmallow is fully covered in chocolate sauce (or melted chocolate), dip it immediately in the bowl of crushed wafers and move it around so that the whole thing gets covered in bits of wafers. At this stage, handle these carefully as they can be a bit too fragile with all the coatings. 
Put the coated marshmallows on a platter and put them in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Voila! Your marshmallow pops are ready to be snacked upon!! Bite into the crunchy, chocolaty, mushy goodness or finish them off in one go!

My man has been making several trips to the refrigerator to snack on these yummy treats and I'm sure your friends/family will love them too!!

In fact, you can let your creativity flow and change the topmost coating to multi-colored sprinkles or white chocolate drizzles too!!!
Let me know if you try it or even tweak it to make your own version!