Time To Indulge In Mouthwatering Deals At The Great Indian Restaurant Festival by Dineout

How many times have you had a sudden urge to go out for dinner at your favorite restaurant, but have found it full upon arrival? Or you have gone out for brunch on weekends and had to wait for hours before you got a table? 
The answer to your prayers is here!
Dineout is a table reservation app that not only helps you book tables at your favorite restaurants, but also offers you great deals on food & beverages from time to time and even helps you pay through the app!

So, needless to say, when Dineout announced the Great Indian Restaurant Festival from the 1st to the 10th of Feb, I was beyond excited to find out what's on offer!
Would you believe it if I said that Dineout is offering a whopping 50% off on food bills at top 1000+ restaurants all over India? Yes, you heard it right! Apart from this not-to-be-missed deal, there are also other mindblowing offers such as 50% off on alcohol, 50% off on a set menu and 50% off on buffet!!!

You just have to book the deal you want on the Dineout app (you also get cashback when you book the deals!) and reserve your table at any of the hundreds of awesome eateries they have partnered with for GIRF 2017. You can literally eat till you burst without having to worry about burning a hole in your pocket!


I wanted to grab one of these awesome deals as soon as they started taking bookings....and so, I booked a deal for myself at Chili's for dinner for 50% discount on the food bill. There's a catch here if you plan to go for the meal with someone else (which of course you are), you can book a deal for only one person from one login ID on the app. So, each person going for the meal has to book his or her deal from their own Dineout app on their smartphones. Just like my husband had to book the same deal for the same day & time for himself from the app on his phone.
Apart from that, the booking process is easy, user-friendly and effortless - one can actually get used to it for the simplicity with which they make your restaurant bookings a super-fast & easy affair!

We went for the dinner at the reserved time slot of 8.45 pm and was ushered in. Once seated, we started perusing the menu which left us spoilt for choice with the wide variety of options available, specially in food.

After much deliberation, we ordered one Signature Chicken Wings and one Chilli Garlic Chicken Wings for appetizers, accompanied by beer for the man and an Appletini for me. 
The chicken wings were spicy, saucy & yummy and the drinks provided a refreshing start to our evening.

As we were having everything non-veg, the manager (who was courteous enough to see to our needs from time to time) asked us to try their Texas Cheese Poppers which turned out to be melt-in-the-mouth crusty fried cheeseballs served with a Chipotle ranch dip. 

For mains, I had a Grilled Chicken Burger that was huge, juicy and sumptuous and came with a side of authentic, homemade-style fries; while the husband gorged on a platter of Country Fried Chicken that came with garlic bread, yummy mashed potatoes and a soft & succulent corn-on-the-cob.

By the time dessert should have been ordered, we were bursting over at the seams. But, my insatiable sweet-tooth compelled me to order the popular Molten Chocolate Cake and I'm glad I did! The warm chocolate cake with it's gooey fudge filling, vanilla ice-cream topping and crunchy chocolate shell was just what the doctor ordered to finish off an yummilicious meal.

And in the midst of it all, the people at Dineout extended a sweet gesture of presenting us with an After-Binge Kit which turned out to contain a whole lot of cute goodies to help us out once the hogging is over. The kit had after-meal essentials like toothpick, mouth-fresheners & tissues; cute laboratory tubes of tea, coffee & green tea to soothe the nerves before hitting the bed; a fun li'l notebook to jot down reminders for the next day; a quirky badge and an adorable eye-mask to help me sleep after a heavy bout of foodgasm!

All in all, I had an amazing experience at my first dinner for the Great Indian Restaurant Festival 2017, made effortless by the user-friendly Dineout app, and I can't wait to book another deal at another of my favorite eating joints soon! GIRF 2017 is on till 10th Feb and I'm surely gonna grab some more deals till then!


So, what are you waiting for? The deals are flying off the shelves like hot cakes, so download the Dineout app now and book your deal today!

This is a rare chance to get these amazing offers at some of the most popular restaurants in your city.......so don't miss it! You can thank me later, of course! :)

Eat your heart out, all you foodies! It's time for a hog-a-thon!!!

'Pasta' la vista!