Neutrals With A Pop Of Pastel

Let me confess my degree of laziness to you right now.

I had these pictures lying in my folder since January when I had shot this look....and I've been too lazy and/or too caught up with work till now to post about it!!

March has actually been a whirlwind of activities and travelling.......and am dead beat right now! *phew*

Summer is already here in full swing, and layering doesn't seem to be a good idea anymore. But, this outfit is a nice light layered look for Spring, or even for the cool, rainy evenings (like what Bangalore is experiencing since past 2 days).

I still have shitloads of work calling out my name from my never-ending To-Do I'm keeping this post short & sweet.

Over to the pictures!

[Shirtdress (worn as jacket): c/o I Am Trouble | Black maxi dress (worn inside): Howrah Bridge | Fringed belt: Koovs | Pastel pink bag: Splash | Necklace: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai | Rose gold reflector sunglasses: AliExpress | Rose gold metallic sandals: Shoppers Stop | Rose gold watch: Tommy Hilfiger]

Photography by: Arjun of Arya Photography

This cool, street-chic beauty from I Am Trouble is one of my favorite pieces that is actually a maxi shirtdress. But, since I always keep looking for interesting layering options, I thought of trying it out as a long jacket, and it works! I love the smart yet subtle cityscape pattern woven in the edge where the two different shades of grey meet - isn't it cool???

What's probably cooler is my absolute favorite statement fringed belt that I had got from Koovs almost a year back! This belt is great for cinching in the waist in the most stylish way possible....and is a great piece that instantly makes heads turn! #win

But, my go-to summer bag this season is definitely this pastel pink bag from Splash which doubles as both a backpack as well as a slingbag/handbag! How chic is that!!
Plus the color is ever so perfect for summer!

So, as you can see, this summer, you don't have to say goodbye to your beloved greys, blacks or navys! Just add a stylish dose of pastels through accessories and separates, and you'll be summer-ready with effortless ease!

I have tons of content that I want to put up on the blog.....but Time is being a bitch right now! :(
Hope to be able to do it all soon!

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